Friday, May 30, 2008

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It probably won't come as much of a surprise to TVD readers to learn that yours truly worked in a record store back in the day--actually two record stores to be exact. Both were among the chain of corporate record stores known as Record World--not the mom-and-pop variety mind you, but nevertheless I learned the biz first hand. First was the Record World in Seaview Square Mall in Ocean, NJ and the second was in the Georgetown Park Mall here in DC. Both don't exist any longer--the Georgetown branch having been replaced by a candy store. (Which is sort of the same thing, in a way.)

Both Record Worlds were hubs of activity and thrived on daily musical conversation and debate, which in some way I hope to have carried over to here. I like to think of TVD as sort of the virtual record store where anyone could pop in, have a listen, chime in on some topic of conversation, drop an F-bomb or six, then return the following day. Just like it was back in the mall where the doors were wide open and you couldn't imagine who'd pop in. Why, in the Georgetown Record World alone I met Madonna (in her conical breasts, 'Who's That Girl?' era, Yoko Ono (in her, I'm selling John's lithos era), fitness guru Denise Austin (in her rock-hard abs era--which they were and probably still are), Frank Langella (in his Dracula era) and Bryan Adams (who, trust me - might be the nicest guy on the planet...era.)

All of this to say to TVD's readership--and you're a global one, you are--where do you go in your neighborhood to flip through the records and shoot the breeze on all things: music? TVD starts a brand new feature right here and now where you're invited to send in pics and links of your friendly local record store/haunt. Witty anecdotes are a plus. So, get on it guys. Pay tribute to the lone hold-outs riding the crest of the new, old wave. We'll post 'em as we get 'em.

To wit: Neal over at Som Records has been and continues to be a fine supporter of this blog's mission and he's also an ardent supporter of all things vinyl. And he's just up the block from TVD HQ. How lucky are we?

Take 5 USA visits Som Records DC

From some recent Som purchases:
The Chameleons - Don't Fall (Mp3)
The Raspberries - Go All The Way (Mp3)
Small Faces - Itchycoo Park (Mp3)
The Stooges - Loose (Mp3)
Julian Cope - World Shut Your Mouth (Mp3)


Guy Mondo said...

I don't have any pics to share until I dig thru piles of old photos in a shoebox somewhere but I can say that I started hanging out at the original Orpheus Records arounfd the same time Rick left to open Record and Tape Exchange(?) a few doors down M St. When Orpheus closed and became a Penguin Feather I had already been spending so much time at Rick and Gerry's renamed Orpheus Records I knew their catalog well enough that they hired me. I worked there, off and on, for more than a decade. Of my 3000+ records I'd say that 99% are from Orpheus. Now that they're closing where am I going to go, when I retire, to hang out and be the old guy griping about how young people don't know squat abuot real music...

The Vinyl District said...

I'll be right next to you griping, Guy. Would love to see the photos too if you can locate them!

Also, I've mentined to Rick that I think he needs to relocate...and I've offered my blog, my arms (and back!) to see that it happens--but to no avail. Another voice in the crowd, perhaps? (See, there's this cool spot at 14th & Q, NW for lease...used to be Candida's Books...)

Dumbek said...

I used to occasionally shop at the Record World in Georgetown Park, about a hundred years ago. It was surprisingly good for a mall store. Then again, I was driving up from Chuck County, MD. I was pretty easily impressed. My friends and I would drive into the city about once a month and hit all of the record stores in Georgetown. If we had time, we'd run up to Rockville to hit Y&T.

Somehow shopping at just isn't the same.

The Vinyl District said...

Y&T Was GREAT! My first favorite in the area...