Thursday, November 6, 2008

TVD Call for Reader Feedback: Should Orpheus Records stay open through December?

I've been pretty vocal on this blog about being hyper-nostalgic and there's been no loss of the sentiment as I've prepared to witness the closing of Orpheus Records in Clarendon...another thing that's been well chronicled in this space.

But last night comes word that, despite the big going out of business sign and the lowered prices leading up to last weekend and this weekend's dollar days--Rick may have been granted a reprieve for a little while and may be able to stay open through December and NOT shut forever this coming Saturday.

So, he asked me last night what I thought -- should he stay there through December and selfishly I thought, "Well, YEA!" but for practical reasons he wondered if the loyal regulars and semi-regulars would embrace the notion of things going back to the way they were for a little while and then more close-out sales in a month or more. Here's how Rick put in on the Orpheus website:

"In the 'better late than never' category we are going to attempt to communicate with others. It would be nice to be able to let you know what's going on here. It would also be nice to know what more of you are thinking. By that I mean what you think about the short term future of Orpheus Records. After all the proclamations about our demise we have another reprieve from the landlord for December... What do YOU think?? Would you like to see Orpheus around another month or so? Should I stay or should I go NOW? (apologies to the Clash) Please, let me know. If I stayed would you like to see the Vinyl Ink stock that's been sitting here for years?? Or do you only want me to put out stuff for a dollar. Most of the stock that is not currently available to you would NOT be a dollar. We only have a little time left. I'd like to use it to our mutual advantage. Talk to me!!!"

So, TVD readers and Orpheus regulars and (semi-regulars), here's an opportunity to directly influence what happens over the next month or more...let us and Rick know how you feel. And I mean NOW as a decision needs to be made...another month? Wanna see that Vinyl Ink stash hit the bins? Or stick with the close out dollar days? SPEAK UP!

Update 11/7: A number of online media outlets have picked up on TVD's/Orpheus Records' call for feedback. Washington City Paper has a piece here this morning, DCRTV sheds some more light here (scroll down a bit), and our blog pal IntangibleArts shares his thoughts on the topic here. TVD will report back next week on how all of this has shaken out, but in the meantime please continue to make your voice heard.

The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (Mp3)

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IntangibleArts said...

Great jumping hypergalactic cheesecake, batman, George's stock hasn't made it out of boxes yet?!?! Crack them suckers open, Rick! I'll be there with wallet and lobster-bib to collect the spittle.

Dumbek said...

I used to go to Vinyl Ink all the time. I'd love to have the chance to go through that old stock!

If nothing else, I'd be willing to make at least one more trip out there for another $1 sale, too.

John Foster said...

I agree that the Vinyl Ink stock (who wouldn't want to see that???) should have been out as soon as the closing sign went up. It is easy to get caught up in a selfish notion of what to do. The chance to dip into that stock will come eventually and possibly in a way easier for Rick to manage. From a business perspective - if you can't sign a new lease for a year then there seems to be little point. All of this prep for closure mentally, emotionally and financially won't be helped by pushing a month.

No one will be truly bitter no matter what you do and in the end you have to go with your gut. If you are ready to close then you know what to do and if you would relish even a few more days with the doors open no one would begrudge you that.

It's like breaking up with someone who is moving away. You do it once you both know your long term future won't include one another. If you get back together after that for a month right before they move it isn't the cleanest of breaks but your friends won't make a big issue of it.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Vinyl Ink stock was brought out to the Rock and Shop a few years ago. I remember George's widow being there as well as LOTS of good records. I know I bought around 50 that night. I'm guessing Rick got what was left after the sale although who knows what else there was.
As a store owner I covet his customers of course and can't compete with Rick's prices (that's a change!) but I also need a place to shop for myself and wish to see Rick go out on a high note so I say stay open til they padlock the doors.
Som Records

KRIS said...

MOST DEFINITELY!! i'm of the persuasion that it should stay open FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

hell yes, stay open!

Anonymous said...

Please stay open!
Thank you!

dickvandyke said...

I may view this from an ocean away, but I do care.

My sway is with a cogent John F above. A march to the scaffold, only to be sent back to the cells due to a technical hitch with la guillotine, is cruel and temporary.

Most of it is in the mindset. And if Rick is fully prepared mentally, then he should not delay the inevitable.

Much respect whatever the decision.

Anonymous said...

I was a huge fan of Vinyl Ink. Is he selling this stuff online at least if it's not out in the bins? There is definitely a market for it. I find it funny that things I bought circa 1992 from George (vinyl compilations and UK imports) now go for major bucks on eBay.

Anonymous said...

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