Sunday, August 10, 2008

TVD Remembers | Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes - Early Sunday Morning (Mp3)
Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft (Mp3)
Isaac Hayes - Walk On By (Mp3)
Isaac Hayes - The Look Of Love (Mp3)
Isaac Hayes - (They Long To Be) Close To You (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

So instead of the 12:02 minute classic from the 'Hot Buttered Soul' Masterpiece as advertized, you slip in the 4:35 minute greatest hits single. Shame. Double shame. Don't want you to see a grown man cry, so I guess I'll just walk on by. Nice blog though.

Jon said...

Aw, c'mon. I heard he passed away and posted what I had...sheez.

Anonymous said...

TVD. Great blog! Love all of it. Any chance you can repost the "Running Out of Fools?" It would appear to be only 15k. Love. Love. Love. That song kills me!


Jon said...

Dry your tears...12:02 classic swapped out for the 4:35 minute greatest hits single.

Sorry but my Mp3 seems to be f'd...another track offered as a substitute. My bad!

3-Pin said...

This became the preferred make out album with that extended version of Walk On By. Lots of memories of dim light and hearing Isaac set the mood. RIP - it is a loss for us all.

MUKISA / retrospect. said...
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MUKISA / retrospect. said...

So many genres and styles were basically built off of and around this one album. Issac Hayes is on that James Brown, Curtis Mayfield level of soul influence. The good thing about his loss is that everyone will remember and realize this even more than before.

sexy said...