Friday, July 25, 2008

TVD Voted #5 Among Makeoutclub's Top 10 Mp3 Blogs of All Time!

Yea, I had to reread that a few times too.

"Ever since the initial burst of blogs coming in after the pioneers like Fluxblog and Stereogum, there’s been a steady stream each day of brand new mp3 blogs. Some are set up purely for promotional reasons (it took awhile but sometime around ’06, record labels began to see the benefit of giving away single tracks) but a majority of mp3 blogs authored and maintained by fans with the desire to share the music they love. Power to the people, it is back," the eight-year old Makeoutclub writes.

"Those looking for a quick mp3 fix may just hit up one of the directories available (i.e. Elbows and Hype Machine) but when looking for a consistent introduction to new music as well as a reminder of old favorites, some of these mp3 blogs are clearly standing out above the rest."

#5 Vinyl District
"Relative newcomer to the mp3 blogosphere world (b. July 2007), the Vinyl District stress the importance of consumers continuing to purchase vinyl instead of downloading everything. They claim to be good consumers and ask that their site visitors try to remain the same. That being said, the Vinyl District exists to “promote and give exposure” to music that might have never made it out of the vinyl bin. Seeing as compressed digital files are far less superior to actual vinyl, the Vinyl District is legitimately promotional and is one of the first effective ways to sort through piles of virtual vinyl. Given their nature, music posted on the Vinyl District are mainly in the “classic rock” area with much love shown to bands like the Clash."

Coming in ahead of some my own morning reads such as I Am Fuel, You Are Friends and An Aquarium Drunkard, and right behind such notables as The Music Slut, Stereogum and Daytrotter, The Vinyl District--the semi-new kid at the dance--placed numero five-o. Amazing.

So, Makeoutclub, if I could I would--with a hickey thrown in for good measure. Thanks for the nod...

(Image courtesy LP Cover Lover.)


Jumbo Slice said...

Congrats! That's awesome. Glad others are recognizing what we've known for a while!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love visiting here! I discovered your site late last year (I love Joe Jackson too)and it's now a weekly fix. Many thanks from the Philippines!

Unknown said...


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Matt said...

You deserve the recognition, for sure!
The Vinyl District is one of my favorite districts to wander about (and up and down) in, and I hope this new-found acknowledging of your mad-skills lets the world know of your awesome-ness!