Friday, March 14, 2008

TVD's Weekend Shots

Long-time friend Shamus DJ's your Weekend Shots all the way from:

"Aloha From sunny Honolulu. First of all a big,"thank you" to Jon for letting me guest DJ. I thought that I would mix this just as Jon and I would waaay back when on our radio show: just songs that I thought were great and that sounded good one after the other. Starting out is the super-cool Supergrass with an acoustic version of their mighty debut single, and we end with another debut single from The Field Mice. In between are pop odds and ends.

All these tunes are sourced from yours truly's 7" singles- a format I still love and hunt for everywhere I go in the world, so if you hear some scratches... Finally, if you all have any feedback or questions about the bands or songs please throw them in the comments section and we'll get them answered. Until next time, --Shamus"

Supergrass - Caught by the Fuzz (Mp3)
East River Pipe - Axl or Iggy (Mp3)
The Moles - What's the New Maryjane (Mp3)
Black Tamburine - By Tomorrow (Mp3)
Sugarplastic - Liar Over Winchester (Mp3)
The Harvest Ministers - You do my World a World of Good (Mp3)
Wire - Ourdoor Miner (Mp3)
The Delgados - Everybody Come Down (Mp3)
The Field Mice - Sensitive (Mp3)

Ten songs and a dream? TVD's looking for guest DJs each and every Friday. What's spinning on YOUR turntable?


Matt said...

I'll admit I downloaded The Moles song thinking it might be a cover version of that John Lennon/ Beatles cut-up type thing. I'm not disappointed one bit that it is not. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Because, if this is representative of their sound, I've got a new band to obsess over.
Quickly, it reminded me of (and I hate to do this, yet can't help but...) Ride or The Brian Jonestown Massacre or even The Velvet Underground.
This is exactly the reason why I love (and spend WAY too much time) trolling the music blogs: Good, new (to me) music.
Very much Good Show! and Hai Karate! to you!

John Foster said...

This is a killer playlist for The Harvest Ministers, Field Mice and Wire selections alone!