Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TVD's Daily Wax | Talk Talk "Laughing Stock"

Something happened along the way to one of my favorite New Wave bands -- it shed the "of the moment" vibe for something more - timeless - which is an odd proposition when it's coming from Talk Talk whose first LP's slick, professional -- and quite lifeless (although the single "Talk Talk" still remains a favorite.) Newly signed to Polydor in 1991 (the 90's again?!) "Laughing Stock" was released on the Verve imprint which befits the minimalist, experimental, improvisational, often jazz-like vibe of the release. I found myself one evening at the much missed Warehouse Next Door watching band after band shoot for this Can-like groove without pulling it off and I thought, "Damn -- that Talk Talk was onto something..."

Talk Talk - Ascension Day (Mp3)
Talk Talk - New Grass (Mp3)
Talk Talk - Runeii (Mp3)


Anonymous said...

Probably the least "pop" and easily accessable album TVD may approach. In order to really get this one, start with It's My Life and work up to it one album at a time over a year or so imho.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that Laughing Stock is so difficult to find on vinyl. I think interest in vinyl was at an all time low about the time it was released, and I was surprised to find that there was a domestic US pressing - although I admit I have never actually seen a copy with my own two eyes. If it's ever reissued on vinyl, I am SO there!

Jon said...


Maury Souza said...

There was a U.S. vinyl pressing of Laughing Stock? On what label?

I have the Verve LP and it is so easily scratched. Has anyone seen a truly mint copy with no marks out there?

sexy said...