Friday, March 20, 2009

TVD's Eleven Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways | Week 8!

Well, is it me or do these vinyl giveaways just get bettern' better? (Uh, nope. Not me.)

Promo copy #1!
For the first time with a set rhythm section, critically acclaimed Built To Spill has created its most accomplished and focused album yet. Possessing a collective unorthodox vision, the band's second album, Keep It Like A Secret, builds on the success of 1997's Perfect From Now On. Invoking less analysis and more volume, Doug Martsch, one of today's most influential, independent-minded musicians, has crafted shorter, more direct songs that revel in a literate expressionism rarely heard in alt-rock and yet still rock with the same visceral impulses. Built To Spill may not be a secret much longer.

Promo copy #2!
Lamping -- also known as spotlighting or shining -- is a hunting method in which powerful floodlights are used to locate nocturnal animals in the middle of the night. The animals are either picked off or captured as they panic and flee for safety. It's a brutal, terrifying practice, but Of Montreal have adopted the technique -- albeit in a strictly metaphorical sense! -- on their ninth album, Skeletal Lamping. Over the course of the record's fifteen tracks, Kevin Barnes, the band's singer and songwriter, shines a light on the deepest, darkest corners of his psyche. He uncovers his freakiest fantasies, revisits his past, and explores seemingly contradictory aspects of his personality. The music is both startling in its specificity and inviting in its universality: Taken as a whole, Skeletal Lamping simulates the labyrinthine complexity of the human consciousness.

Your copy!
You know the drill by now, right? Grab our attention in the comments (WITH your email address--important!) gushing over TVD's Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaway Week #8 to set yourself up to win both of these indie gems. (Or, you can comment and forward your email address in an email to us. We're not picky.) And remember - each entry into our vinyl contest is an automatic entry to win the Stanton T.90 USB turntable on Record Store Day 2009!

Just make it funny. Or make it smart. About record stores. Or Record Store Day. Or vinyl. About us or you. Or something else all together. Just make it before next Monday (3/23) when we'll choose our winner. (AND launch giveaway #9 of 11--where does the time go...?)


Andrea said...

I think Mr. David Barnes elongated the pointing figure on the right of that Of Montreal cover so that he wouldn't have to draw junk. Don't you?

JV said...

This is a very creative comment.

jvitkun at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

nothing too funny...just remember my buddy thinking I might be gay when I first saw a copy of Of Montreal's latest albums....anyway, I love both of these giveaways...

Joe said...

I'm trying to leave my mooch tendencies behind, but you guys aren't making it easy by giving away so much vinyl, so I finally caved. I'll let you have some of my fries.

Andrea said...

biga666 at gmail dot com, i am comment numero uno up there.

Fil said...

That really is album art at its best.

djbloo (at)

Charles said...

re: Lamping record cover

I'll have what they're having.

anntje said...

both these bands are awesome, but i own vinyl from neither of them sadly. they remind me of that era in my life of bad haircuts and clothes that were too tight (gross). i'm glad those days are behind me, but the music is still sweet.