Friday, March 20, 2009

TVD's SXSW'09 Event Diary | with your host Leerone

Our good friend Leerone returns to TVD and this time she’s down at the SXSW Music Festival bathing in the warm glow that is creative musical expression. We’ve asked her, in between the music and the festival and the long, long evenings, to send us some thoughts and impressions on what she’s seen go down. Her first dispatch from the festival arrives this very morning:

St. Vincent @ Presbyterian Church
Annie Clark of Saint Vincent is not apologetic and I like that. She performed at the Presbyterian Church- the acoustics were gorgeous! She is a sick guitarist. Her voice is deliciously sweet... Definitely a fantastic performer.

Cesi Bastida @ Flamingo
Cesi Bastida, a Latin indie artist from Tijuana, performed at Flamingo last night. She sings in Spanish, dances and plays an array of instruments including the melodica and a tom (drum). She's pretty darn amiable! The band was very tight and looked like they were having the best time (that's always a pleasure to witness). I heard quite a few people in the crowd saying "Te Llamó" and in addition to professing their love, the audience was jumping
and dancing. Her energy is contagious, uplifting and fun.

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