Friday, March 20, 2009

TVD's Alternative Ulcer | Local Music Edition

Last year I was fortunate enough to see 302acid play at Artomatic (seriously, I love this city) last summer and was completely hypnotized by their sound. In fact, I feel almost inadequately equipped to describe what I hear and feel when their sound hits my tympanic membrane. Like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said about obscene material "I know it when I see it," that's how I feel about music that I like - I know it when I hear it. So when my friend Ben told me he would be performing with them on Saturday night, it motivated me to share my enthusiasm for DC-based artists with all you out there in TVD land.

My older brother, as a frequenter of events such as Seattle's Decibel Festival and DEMF could probably describe 302acid's music more articulately than I can, but he doesn't have a column on TVD, so you have to put up with my plebian description. The music is an experimental mix of electronic, samples, ambient noise, beats, and a ton of fantastic. Ben describes 302acid as "much more of a collective than a band so this is just another step in the evolution of the sound."

The show this Saturday will feature live bass, turntables and electronics along with Optical Grooves and Monica on video projections. Their site has a ton of free music, and I'll post a few of what I really enjoyed. This Saturday 302acid, along with Alexsei Borisov (the fact that he's Russian is good enough incentive for me), Violet and a bunch of other musically superb groups will be performing at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring.

DC puts out a ton of great music, and I think that anytime you can go support local artists, you should. Even if that means crossing the line into Maryland. I guarantee, kids, it'll be totally worth it.

302acid - Transmission, Fire Dub (Mp3)
302acid - Quest & Future (Mp3)
302acid - Road Trip to Tokyo (Mp3)
Alexsei Borisov - Engineer Strepetovs Curve (Mp3)
Alexsei Borisov - Automated Management for the Seafood Industry (Mp3)

*thanks to Chester for the sweet artwork.

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