Wednesday, November 3, 2010

TVD Fall Vinyl Giveaway | Kitten "Kill the Light" 7"

Two weeks back we spent the entire week with LA's Kitten as they made their way from CMJ showcase to CMJ showcase. Then to London for more gigs.

The whole time—the entire week—I played the final, recorded version of "Kill the Light" over and over again til I thought I was all Kitten'd out. Then yesterday on my walk home from work, it made an appearance on random shuffle and it was love all over again.

Well, during the CMJ week we didn't do a giveaway because Kitten didn't have vinyl. Rules are rules, afterall. But released last week is Kitten's first vinyl 7"—the aforementioned "Kill the Light"—and we've got two copies to give to two of you.

Your job: stream or download the track above. Swoon in comments to this post over above track. Be sufficiently convincing and two of you will be sent the 7". Simple, right?

We'll give you a week and award 2 winners on 11/10. Remember to leave us a contact email address so we can let you know you won!


jbinos said...

LOVEEEEE love this song! Actually first heard of Kitten from the Voice Project where she covered Cat Power, ever since it was Love at first hear! ahahaha (ok that was lame but you get it)

Now....gimme my vinyl! :)

Please and thanks.

John said...

dude this song is incredible! i totally get what you mean, kitten is something special. i can't wait to see where this song will take them. i'm so looking forward to a full length.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I, too, have been listening to this song OVER and OVER again! Still can't seem to get enough! I've even been listening to this version back to back with a demo version KITTEN gave out on a sample CD at a concert a while ago. Swooning is an understatement!! This song is amazing, and I try to share it with everyone I know! Please, please send me some vinyl! :-)

Mickey said...

So I'm just now seeing this so I might be too late to enter... but I too have been listening to Kill The Light on repeat for MONTHS. I honestly can't get enough of it. I went and bought their EP as soon as I could. Amazing, amazing band... I would be super excited to win. :)