Thursday, October 21, 2010

TVD's Obscure Alternatives

It's our Thursday flashback, culled from the rare and (ultra) obscure crates of 80’s vinyl, curated by our pal Gil:

Poor Girls – The Poor Girls LP

Turning to more adventurous realms, we delve into the rare full length album by the Louisville, KY based alternative band - Poor Girls. The band was founded in 1982 and called themselves an artistic tribal collective of sorts. The genesis of the band consisted of four members that were augmented at times by other band members who would produce noises with pots, pans and kitchen chairs. A sax was incorporated from time to time as well.

Poor Girls would end up gaining local attention by playing the local beat club circuit. The band shared stages with groups as diverse as the quirky Violent Femmes and the hard-rocking UK Subs and Big Black. They ended up producing one cassette and this lone eight track studio album before breaking up in 1986.

The music on this 13 song affair is in one word primitive. Poor Girls use thick, densely layered arrangements of guitar, bass and drums to give motion to their thought provoking lyrics. Many of the songs exude ponderings on life and love, and are delivered in an avant-rock style. The bass guitar has a more audible role than in most alternative bands, and I find it similar to very early Cure tunes.

The album was independently pressed and comes with a blue colored lyric sheet, but apparently in an attempt to maintain an artful element, have printed them in a style that’s extremely difficult to follow…it can be done though. Without further adieu, I’ve selected some of the standout tracks to peruse and download below….enjoy this raw energy….

Poor Girls - Collision Of Thots (Mp3)
Poor Girls - Future Is So Far Away (Mp3)
Poor Girls - Mommy Doesn't Understand (Mp3)

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