Thursday, October 21, 2010

TVD Takeover/CMJ Spotlight | Kitten

What up TVD.

Still in NY. Yesterday was solid. We played our 2nd show of the week and killed it. A nice boost of confidence after blowing it the first time. Our set was better paced, I could hear myself! and the band really brought the noise. We had quite a few people come up to us and say that the show was "10X's" better. It's weird how the same songs, played the same way can have such a different effect from day to day. Oh well...

More importantly, the pizza! Went round the corner and had a couple of AMAZING slices of "pie." When you get to NYC everybody's always telling you about "the best pizza in the city" and it usually isn't. This was. What was called? Nora's? Not sure. Right around the corner form The Delancey on Clinton.

We had ordered our slices but the guy said he had a fresh gorgonzola and apple coming out of the oven so we waited and had that with a slice of sweet sausage and peppers and a side of meatballs. Yum! No joke, seriously delicious. The guy yelled at my manager when he asked for the parmigiana cheese.

"For what"? He scowled in the kind of thick NY accent that you only hear on TV. "To sprinkle on my slice". The guy looked at Chad and squinted his eyes. "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." He got a fresh block of cheese, grated it on top and looked Chad in the eyes. "Don't put spices on my pizza." Chad went to grab his slice but he yanked it back, "Whooaaa... it's not ready until I say." The guy pulled out a few basil leaves and sprinkled olive oil on top. "Now it's ready." Like I said, YUM.

Later on he came to our table and said that we were in for a treat. We were going to watch him "make the mozzarella". What we wanted to do was go back to the club and check out the Kids of 88, the New Zealand band that's doing a remix of one of our songs, but he wasn't asking. We went back and watched him melt curds of Mozzarella into a giant blob and tell us about how there's no real buffalo mozzarella in the U.S. and how that, in Italy it's illegal to call cheese Mozzarella unless it really is. He gave us a fresh glob and it tasted so good that maybe he's not crazy after all. But I think he might be.

Later, we ended up at Madison Square Garden to see the Phoenix/Dirty Projectors/Wavves show. Our friend from home (LA) was in town for one day and got us tickets and backstage passes. Jose made Daft Punks helmets for the new Tron movie and they liked them so much they asked him to do all their stuff from now on. Crazy coincidence that he was in town but really cool. Oh.... Daft Punk did a surprise appearance for the Phoenix encore, thus the connection.

Great show!!! Wavves were ok. Im a fan so that was cool. Dirty Projectors where really, really good. They're harmonies are amazing. I don't know how they even do it. They're melodies are so unique but they're able to make being beautifully weird sound so effortless. Phoenix was a big surprise, I knew a couple of songs but I didn't realize how big they where. To be honest, I thought that I was going to be bored and want to leave early but they really put an amazing show. Great lights, a ton of energy, the singer disappeared into the vast crowd a couple of times and would end up in the back or up in the nosebleeds. Crowdsurfing, Daft Punk... cool night.

We've go two shows today. One in the afternoon and one tonight. I definitely feel like I have a boost of inspiration and energy. They're going to be great.

See you tomorrow,


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