Thursday, September 23, 2010

TVD's Obscure Alternatives

It's week #2 our new Thursday fix culled from the rare and (ultra) obscure crates of 80’s vinyl:

Kelley Hunt & The Kinetics - Blue Light Special LP

Kelley Hunt & The Kinetics was a female fronted power pop rock band based out of Kansas City back in the early 80’s. They were popular in the regional club and radio scene, but didn’t manage to break out nationally. This foursome pulled their resources together both musically and financially to self produce one album on the private indie label Awake Records.

The album didn’t make any major waves upon its release and vanished into obscurity with many other power pop bands during the same time frame. They did however have some creativity under their belt with respect to the album and song titles. The album title “Blue Light Special” pokes fun at the venerable discount store chain Kmart and what is now the legendary discount practice that helped put Kmart stores on the map – the Blue Light Special.

The band even takes it a step further and incorporates quirky lyrics about the frenzy this discount practice used to cause during the 1980’s. Check out the songs “Discount Store” and “Don’t Put Up A Fight”, which provide blow by blow details of the chaos that would ensue during these specials. The overall album does hit some peaks with crafty arrangements and these lyrically amusing songs.

Kelley Hunt & The Kinetics - Can't Get Enough (Mp3)
Kelley Hunt & The Kinetics - Discount Store (Mp3)
Kelley Hunt & The Kinetics - Don't Put Up a Fight (Mp3)

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