Thursday, September 23, 2010

TVD Fall Vinyl Giveaway | LCD Soundsystem / Hot Chip Promo Tour Package

Well, it's the first full day of Fall (despite it being 90 degrees out there today...) and it's our very first Fall Vinyl Giveaway—and we've got a great one to kick off the our Season O' Giving:

In support of LCD Soundsytem's upcoming tour with Hot Chip and Sleigh Bells we've put together a stellar prize package which includes the following items:

(1) LCD Soundsystem Tour Poster
(1) LCD Soundsystem - "I Can Change" 12"
(1) Hot Chip Tour shirt
(1) Hot Chip - "One Life Stand/Do Not Want" 7"

We'll make it easy to win this one seeing that it's our first of the season. Hit us up in the comments to this post letting us know why you deserve to win our first Fall Vinyl (and miscellaneous swag) contest. The most convincing up the bunch will find the aforementioned bag of swag crammed into his or her mailbox.

Remember to leave us a contact email address and we'll pull our winner a week from today, 9/30. Simple, right?

Purchase LCD Soundsystem's This is Happening at Amazon and iTunes.


Ryan said...

Win! Me! I've got a 2 year old little girl who loves LCD and hot chip. Whenever they come on, she starts dancing--even in the car! I'm also teaching her about vinyl records, making sure she doesn't grow up in a world with only mp3s.

Anonymous said...

I love music, all kinds of music from virtually all genres and most era's. I have my ipod on most of the day and have an insatiable appetite for more and more music. Vinyl collecting has become a new hobby, however having grown up with vinyl, it's more like getting back to the old days. It would be a great gift to see some vinyl in the mailbox soon! (Stacey)

Anonymous said...

oh pick me. I've been in love with electronic music since i was a little kid in the 90's. my aunt used to bring me cassettes with house and electronica and from there my tastes have developed into a strong liking of nu-disco, electronic based acts, dubstep, dnb and all genres inbetween. vinyl is something that i've only been interested in as of late seeing as i only recently got a player. the sound quality does something completely different with the music. i would only hope to build a collection of vinyls and cds so that when i'm old, i have something to look back upon.

Anonymous said...

slowly building my record collection and it is imperative i get some hot chip and lcd, too of my very favorite artists, in there. i work hard, so hard, everyday at a shitty job i hate just so i can come home and play with my vinyls. music is my life and nothing would make me happier than coming down from a god-awful day at work to find these babies waiting in my mailbox!

thanks <3 doleen stellar0240@gmail