Thursday, September 23, 2010

TVD Takeover | The Mynabirds' Giveaway

We were talking about it a bit and seeing that we've already given away
The Mynabirds' wonderful debut LP What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood earlier in the year, why not mix it up a bit and offer you guys some other stuff? (And if you're hungry from some free vinyl, we suggest you scroll down a bit lower...)

So, for TVD's Mynabirds Giveaway we've got the lovely poster at the top of this post (signed by Ms. Burhenn) and the tee shirt shown below in the size that best fits your male or female frame.

These items will take flight and be sent to the person who comments in this post as to why she or he should win the aforementioned swag. Plead your case for these and the most convincing of the lot shall be named the winner.

Remember to leave us a contact email address, and we'll choose one winner for both items a week from today, 9/30.


Jodie-Marie Faraci said...
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Jodie-Marie Faraci said...

Well, firstly - I am the first to comment so that's a pretty good reason :o) Also, I am a huge fan and a friend of mine is going to their show tomorrow in Brooklyn and keeps rubbing it in my face since I am way out west. So how cool would it be if I could rub it in his face that I got free swag? Wouldn't you like to help me do that ;o) (

Ryan said...

I should win because I'm so awesome!

I've been playing the Mynabirds for everyone I know, getting my wife, my mom, my coworkers into this album. I'd love to be able to represent with a rad tshirt!

Anonymous said...

Am I too late? I hope not! Well , I think I should win these items because a friend of mine is a huge fan, and I feel so guilty that I wasn't able to get her the poster at the mall so I want to send her this. I hope it's good enough. My friend is a huge fan! she's been to a concert, has photos plastered everywhere, and she's so dedicated!