Friday, June 11, 2010

TVD's The Ardent Sessions Presents: Oh No Oh My

There really is something about Memphis and Ardent Studios. Driving east on Madison from downtown, the same street Ardent Studios is located on, I pass some of my favorite places in the world: The P and H CafĂ©, Murphy’s, the old Antenna, Minglewood Hall, the BBQ Shop, Pho Hoa Bin, Zinny’s, The Lamplighter, Fino’s, Boscos (mmmmmm stock Ale…..), The Blue Monkey, and Kwik Check. I have been lucky enough, many times in fact, to enjoy my “Turk that was Greek” sandwich at Kwik Check, then walk across the street to the world famous Ardent Studios.

I have had the pleasure to work in Studios A, B and C with many different bands and with many amazing producers and engineers. Back in 2001, my band Snowglobe mastered our first full length record with Larry and Kevin Nix. Over the years I have recorded piano, guitar, vocals, and crazy noises both on my own and other folk’s records at Ardent. Back in 2007, Ardent started doing something known as the Ardent Sessions. My bands Oh No Oh My and Antenna Shoes have both been invited to record episodes.

The Ardent Sessions is awesome. It allows a band to play a show in front of their fans, and have that show be recorded with incredible microphones and the best new and old recording gear. With Alan Burcham behind the desk, placing guitars through the Neve preamps, and Fairchild compressors, sometimes I just want to cry. It’s so beautiful. As musicians you have pressure to perform the material live for the audience, with an extra pressure that the performance is being recorded. I think that with the right mix of pressure, magic is made. I am very happy to have been a part of the magic that has been made at Ardent Studios throughout the years. This episode was extra special because we shared the episode with our good friends from Knoxville, Royal Bangs. Nice.

BTW, our new 7 inch contains two songs off of our upcoming full length record 'People Problems.' The songs are "Brains" and "Walking Into Me:". They were recorded at Jim Eno's Studio Public HiFi in Austin Tx. We like them a lot. We hope you do too!
—Tim Regan

Pick up the new 7" and other great merch from Oh No Oh My here.

The Ardent Sessions Presents: Oh No Oh My | The Vinyl District Podcast [105Mgs]

Enter to win Oh No Oh My's 7" above by simply leaving a comment, your name, and a contact email address in the comments to this post. We'll choose one winner each Friday for that week's giveaway which ALSO includes the entire Ardent Music catalog. (That's just 2 artists at this point, but hey, who's counting?)

To hear more great Ardent Sessions please visit Ardent Presents.


Zoe said...

Ah! I want this record so much. (:
My email's
Oh No Oh My rules. :D

Unknown said...

Oh snap, I'd be up for winning!

Name: Jeremy Abel

lmromagnoli said...

I love Oh No Oh My, and I'd love a copy of their new 7"!
Lisa Romagnoli

David said...

Hey! I wanna win this! :D

David Howe -

Bill said...

I love Oh No Oh My. Been waiting for the new record forever.

Bill Pyle -

Anonymous said...

J.S. Scharenbroch *

Sharon Young said...

I love your music. Oh No Oh My is the best band. I would love to win.
Sharon Young -

Anonymous said...

Oh My gosh. I love Oh No! Oh MY! So much...kind of my most played currently. I'd loove to win!

J. Kinzer said...

I've already won something from here so I may be ineligible but I will say the song's not too bad but these guys could dress a little snappier. Plaid shirt? Shorts & t-shirt? Just saying!



Anonymous said...

YOU could dress a little snappier, Jeff.

Jeff better not win.

Edvin said...

The cover art likes me.

Unknown said...

Oh No Oh My is one of my favorite bands, I'm psyched for this record!
Jack Richardson -

Kevin said...

Oh No Oh My is an awesome band, I'd love to win this and would treasure it greatly!

Kevin Anderson

Anonymous said...

Luke Sahagian

Anonymous said...

you guys are amazing, i hope im not too late for this contest thinger. I love you guys i even like your Poor Yorik stuff. Probably an intresting story how you got from Poor Yorik to Jolly Rogers to Oh No Oh My. Anyways heres my info:

Rebecca Bruleigh