Friday, May 7, 2010

TVD's The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Mayday Fiesta of Sound | Yes, it’s May and here in a LA it’s cause for celebration. This mix was actually created on Cinco De Mayo, a favorite Angelino holiday to simply eat tacos and get drunk on Margaritas. Maybe this should imply a Mexican inspiration but this week is more about new bands than chips and salsa.

I also like the expression “mayday, mayday” it brings to mind planes crashing in black and white WWII flicks. I looked it up and it comes from the French expression,
venez m'aider, meaning "come (and) help me." ...Ok, I’ve stumbled onto something here for which I could really use some help and a shot of tequila!

To be honest, Idelic Hour’s “Fiesta Of Sound” is more of afterthought than a muse or vehicle for creating the playlist below. I started off the week driving through the canyon listening to my I-pod on “random shuffle” and in many ways this is the real muse for many of my sets. I love that warm feeling I get when s song unexpectedly enters my psyche, especially while driving a car. I’ve always said I don't believe there's a better DJ than my I-pod on random shuffle. For me as the author, The Idelic Hour, is in fact a taste of my “random shuffle” for you the audience. Ok, maybe I’ve had one too many at El Coyote (mayday, mayday!)

So, my simple plan was to play my I-pod all week and recast the best hour of music I heard. I had a great week of listening but creating this week’s show from let’s say “Monday’s shuffle” just didn’t feel inspiring, random, or spontaneous. Instead I had a little Cinco De Mayo DJ party of my own and I’m calling it a Fiesta of Sound.

In the mix are more new artists and music than I usually drop. Highlights are new Interpol, Harlem, New Villager, Sleigh Bells, The Fall, Dom. I’ve also revisited as few of the stronger April releases with songs from The National, Avi Buffalo and as well as a track from Frightened Rabbit, Julian Casablancas, whose album I’ve been digging these last few months.

“Mayday, mayday” let the celebration continue!


xosidealer | @sidelic

The Idelic Hour [5/7/2010] (Mp3, 88Mg)

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