Friday, May 7, 2010

TVD's The Ardent Sessions Presents: Jeffrey James and the Haul

Jeffrey James and the Haul is the side project of Snowglobe drummer Jeff Hulett. Snowglobe was featured on MTV's $5 Cover in 2009. —Ed.

Recording at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee with Jeffrey James and the Haul was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget. How often are you allowed to perform a live show for all of your friends for free? And at the end of the day get a copy of the set you just performed? Let’s just say I’ll always remember it and I brag about it regularly.

People all around the world know about Ardent Studios and I’m lucky enough to live down the street. When I got the call from Rachel Hurley to do an Ardent Sessions I was honestly surprised. At the time we hadn’t been that active and we were trying to finish up our second album “Ride the Wind Carnival.” I think Rachel knew that and wanted to give us an opportunity to get our name out there more, and in a unique way. We are forever grateful and reminisce about that show as a band quite often.

There’s nothing like inviting all of your friends to see you play and they all show up. It was nuts. I think Rachel was even a little bit concerned about how many people we had in studio C. I was very nervous at first because it was such an early and intimate show that was going to be recorded live. But once we got started and began interacting with the crowd everything was great. We even had a bunch of friends/fans in town from Atlanta and Chattanooga that truly relished the opportunity to hang out in such a storied studio. And because it was an early show we were able to go out together afterwards and celebrate.

If I could play the Ardent Sessions again with the Haul or anyone else I would jump at the chance. It was such a fun evening that I think everyone enjoyed.

Viva La Ardent Sessions!

The Ardent Sessions Presents: Jeffrey James and the Haul | The Vinyl District Podcast [90Mgs] (Mp3)

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