Monday, May 10, 2010

TVD Spring Vinyl Giveaway | The Joy Formidable 'A Balloon called moaning"

I imagine that it's no surprise to any of you following along at home that if there was a new Joy Formidable release on vinyl, we'd find a way to get our hands on it and offer a copy of it on the blog.

Well, our Formidable exuberance being what it is, we have—and here it is—your chance to win a copy of The Joy Formidable's EP ‘A Balloon called moaning’ which is getting its official US release today on Black Bell Records.

"It can go either way when you grow up in a family of bootleggers and record collectors; you either catch the bug and join in or snub music completely. I was in cahoots from the start and absolutely reveled in my parents near library of vinyl, cds, cassettes and reel to reel. The vinyl section covered 2 walls and stacked on top were four large boxes of 7" singles.

I decided that this would be the starting point of my listening habits, I'd try and listen methodically to every single in every box. Black Coffee in Bed, Say a Little Prayer, Sex Machine, Family Affair, Fire, Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart.... so many brilliant tracks. I got quite far in the quest of going through every box; the joy and calamity of being an only child..."

That was Ritzy from our 'First Date' with the band last February.

Your task to win the vinyl copy of ‘A Balloon called moaning?’ Give us your backstory in regard to discovering music in general or vinyl specifically. The one that hits our sweet spot as posted to the comments section of this post —with contact info!—wins the EP. Simple, right?

You have until next Tuesday (5/11) to be suitably formidable.

The Joy Formidable - Whirring (Mp3)


Keith said...

I can't really recall my first experience with music. I remember listening to the Beastie's "License to Ill" over and over on cassette back in the day and that might have been my first album.

Recently though I just found vinyl (as of February). Well, I always knew it was there and even had some when I was kid (mostly 45s) but always found cassettes and CDs to be more portable (imagine that). I revamped my stereo at the end of 2009 and started doing turntable research on a whim. Once I realized that new music was still being pushed out on the 12" platters, I was quick to jump into record collecting.

The process of getting a record prepped for playing really helps set the stage for an experience. It's great to be held captive through listening versus just randomly selecting an MP3. Music feels less disposable and much easier to appreciate.

What I'm most thankful for is how many new acts I've found. When going through the iTunes store new release list, you never really find something new because the choice is abundant but you're too busy consuming to notice what it is you're actually listening to. Scouring new 7" and LP releases, I've found a wealth of new acts that I never knew existed and my ears have actually started to open up to new sounds/styles.

Tony said...

I would have to say my first Vinyl experience was my dad giving me his collection of Elvis records. There must have been 75 total and at the very bottom was Janis Joplin's Pearl OMG this was so awesome to listen to.
My wife and kids bought my turntable a small Crosley one for Fathers day and that's when he passed his records along. I don't buy cd's anymore nothing beats Vinyl.
Although I did own a record before this I had Masters of the Universe and Gizmo Tail of the Mogwai as a kid :)

Jon said...

So, I'm ready to award the vinyl and neither of you have left a contact email address so I can name one of you the winner!

First one who gets it to me gets the LP...

Keith said...

Sorry - thought it would have come through. :)

bugula AT gmail DOT com