Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's a TVD Ticket Giveaway! | Solar Powered Sun Destroyer, Friday, 2/5 at the Rock & Roll Hotel

I admit that it's not so easy to come up with an angle for these contests each week. I mean, why bother making it difficult? We want to put tickets in your hands - we don't need you jumping through any hoops.

But this week, we kinda do.

The mighty Solar Powered Sun Destroyer plays the Rock and Roll Hotel Friday night (2/5) and we've got a pair of tickets to give away—along with a SPSD T-shirt, a CD Package, and some stickers for good measure.

But, as I mentioned, it's not going to be your typical call and response contest. The band's assembled five questions to inspire your entries in the comments section to this post. The smartest and perhaps the most accurate comment takes home the prizes.

The questions are:

1. All five members of Solar Powered Sun Destroyer have been associated with other bands and acts—name three of their other musical projects.
2. Every member of Solar Powered Sun Destroyer owns an LP from one particular band—which band?
3. There is a picture floating around of a member of SPSD wearing a Solar Powered Sun Destroyer shirt posing with a celebrity—who is the celebrity?
4. If Rambo owed you a big personal favor and would even take someone out for you—who would it be, and how would he do it?
5. Write a Haiku using the words Solar Powered Sun Destroyer in it.

You've got until Friday at noon to solve one or more of these head-scratchers. We're choosing our winner then and leave us some contact info!

Solar Powered Sun Destroyer - The Roulette Year (Mp3)
Solar Powered Sun Destroyer - Ghost Light (Mp3)
Solar Powered Sun Destroyer - Intromission (Mp3)


Brandon Bryn said...

Ok, SPSD rocks and I want these tickets pretty badly. In response to the first question, I'd like to reference Caverns, All Else Failed, and Dr. mahfuckin' Bell just for good measure. I know the celebrity to be Tony Soprano, himself (that picture is so badass). I'm going to take a guess that each of the boys own a copy of Joe Cocker's "greatest hits" album -- and I'll mention that John Rambo would be offing Kid Rock for me with the same .50 caliber machine gun he used at the end of the last movie. No doubt.

Tim said...

I hope these questions do not need to be in order because John Rambo deserves to be answered first. So...First, Rambo owes us all the personal favor of killing lady gaga with his bare hands and then making sequels going back to kill anyone involved with making her famous. Second, James Gandolfini is pictured on the SPSD myspace "loving the merch". Third, the other bands could be Swarm of the Lotus, All Else Failed, the Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. Fourth, I am guessing that everyone in the band owns Radiohead's "In Rainbows" or "Ok Computer".

Title: Saturday Morning News

John Rambo escorted by police

From the Solar Powered Sun Destroyer show

For bringing lady gagas head

Brandon said...

Hahaha... crucial.

emily said...

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttteeee lady gaga!!!!!!!!! did anyone see her at the grammys? WTF!?!

Jon said...

Whoa - tough crowd.

Thought LGG & Elton were the best thing on the Grammys...

The Situation said...

I missed the Grammys... there was something magical on Mtv causing a scheduling conflict.

Audrey said...

I second the Caverns mention!! and would like to add the following answers:

Rambo -- Since Lady Gaga is taken care of... and incidentally, Rambo happens to owe me two favors, he agreed to take three lives. The Jonas Bros. will explode via sheer sexiness overload, much like Austin Powers made Britney Spears' femme bot blow up. But instead of dancing around with ugly teeth, Rambo will flex his awesome muscles and roar causing internal hemorrhaging and oozing. Then just for good measure, he'll unload a round using the .50 caliber into the remaining goo.



So Prodigious Super Dupe.

Free tickets are cool.


No doubt you all own The Bangles "Different Light."


Jon said...

Remember we need some contact info to reward you GaGa haters for your creativity...

Audrey said...

B2R front desk McLean. :) or

eastcoastability said...
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eastcoastability said...

i am the "tim" response to the questions....

rock and roll

Danny Ledwith said...

1. Caverns, All Else Failed, NASA Wives

2. James Gandolfini

3. I'm guessing Thrice

4. Shoot Justin Beiber in the face


tick tock goes the clock
solar powered sun destroy-
-er is that hot shit