Thursday, February 4, 2010

TVD | Powder n' Paint

Seems that we're fixin' for some snow, hm?

Y'know, I never got organized religion. I'd say I'm a borderline atheist, really.

But threatened with what just may be two feet of snow in some areas, we all soon find a diety to rally around:

Milk and toilet paper folks, milk and toilet paper.

Starling Electric - A Snowflake (Mp3)
David Sylvian - Snow Borne Sorrow [Live, Brussels 2007] (Mp3)
Clearlake - Wonder If The Snow Will Settle (Mp3)
Dean's December - It Doesn't Snow In Manila (Mp3)
The Field Mice - Let's Kiss And Make Up (Mp3)


Illrock said...

Striking tag Line! That might not be too bad of an idea...
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Stevie said...

Lovely Sylvian track. I missed your previous live posts of the great man on his last tour. Had the pleasure of seeing him London. Any chance of sharing more of those recordings?

Jon said...

There's no plan this sec for more live Sylvian...but perhaps if you write directly we can zip one your way...

zooty23 said...

Not music related...but I understand your atheism comment. After being a (nominal) Baptist for many years, I read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and instantly saw the light. I've been in the atheism camp ever since, and I'm very comfortable with that.