Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TVD Presents a Sockets Records Showcase Week!

We've been excited to do this Sockets Records blog takeover week, but, do I say this? Big Gold Belt's walking us down some dark, dark record cover alleys. (Where's my mace?)

Here is an album cover we came across that made us feel happy. It is from Rare Silk’s 1986 record “New Weave.”

Reasons this cover is good:

1. The South Floridian mom color palette.

2. The geometric composition typical of paintings selected by shrinks in the Rockland County, NY area. They hang these in their waiting rooms.

3. The splatter texture and shadow relief adds cheesy depth.

4. The font the name 'Rare Silk' is written in what looks like it was derived from the slashes of some soft-rock pirate's cutlass.

5. Corny cleverness: "New Weave" (as in “new wave.”)

We cannot say we love the music that Rare Silk produces—a bizarre combination of the Andrew Sisters, soft jazz and funk guitar. We do however thank them for their stylish design sense!

Big Gold Belt - Ice Cream (Mp3)

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