Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a TVD Ticket Giveaway | Langhorne Slim, Friday, January 22 at Ottobar

I know this blog's read from Athens to Zurich (really, I check the stats) but do we have any readers in, uh...Baltimore? Well, we're about to find out because we have a pair of tickets to check out Langhorne Slim along with April Smith, this Friday night at Ottobar in our sister city to the north.

Raise your hand in the comments to this post, jump up and down, do what you need to grab our attention if you're in Baltimore (or willing to hit the road) for what's certain to be a fine night of music. Leave us some contact info too. We'll choose a winner Friday morning. Now, get going, hon.

Langhorne Slim - Say Yes (Mp3)
April Smith and the Great Picture Show - Colors (Mp3)


Joe said...

I'm very willing to drive from DC to Baltimore. Whatever it takes to see him one more time!!!. Big Langhorne fan here!


Valerie said...

I'm a way more fun member of the audience than Joe is ;) He'll stand there texting all night. I'm already going up for the show, but free tickets would be a bonus. He/they put on a mighty fine show :D

You know how to reach me :)


Joe said...

Valerie will not be focusing on Langhorne, but rather with a guy that she just started dating. That's not the definition of 'fun member of the audience'. Something tells me Valerie should just do something else BUT see Langhorne. Plus, she's already seen him LOTS of times.


Candace said...

Using Joe's rationale, I should totally get the tickets because I've never seen Mr. Slim perform. Surely popping a cherry is the noblest pursuit here, right?

Valerie said...

How mean is Joe?

You should still give Joe the tickets, anyway. Otherwise, he'll whine to me about how he didn't get the tickets. And trust me, Joe's whining will be louder than Langhorne's show.

Ahmad said...

Give them to Candace.

Hi Valerie and Joe! ;)

I've heard both of you whine loudly and at great lengths.

Jon said...

We've got a winner. Thanks all for reading/entering etc.!