Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TVD Fresh Pick | New Fyfe Dangerfield

Oh, we love press releases. And that's all you're gonna get with these 'Fresh Picks' to speed these along and to ...uh, to keep 'em fresh.

"Following Guillemots 2008 album Red, mercurial singer-songwriter Fyfe Dangerfield used the window of time created to spread his wings and lovingly record his beautiful debut solo album 'Fly Yellow Moon.'

Fyfe recorded the album in five days in what he describes as ‘the best ever little studio’, which ended up being the happiest days he has ever spent in studio land. The songs were written over a 12-month period in snatched moments after soundchecks, before nights out, and after moments of unmitigated lovestruck bliss.

He met up with Bernard Butler to mix a couple of songs ("She Needs Me," "Faster Than The Setting Sun") on a 1960s-mixing desk to color the record in a different shade. The rest of the tracks remained just as they were from their first recording session. “It often sounded best this way, says Fyfe. “Capturing the moment they were recorded and not being painted over too much.” "

Fyfe Dangerfield - When You Walk In The Room (Mp3)

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