Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Exit Clov's Vinyl District Ticket Giveaway!

You have to know by now that if we’re going to be promoting a new release and a few live dates around the release that we’re going to give you a chance to win said release and concert tickets, right? We are just that transparent.

Em and Suz of Exit Clov have hooked TVD readers up with a pair or tickets for both CD release shows this coming weekend— Friday night (1/29) at the Strathmore Mansion with True Womanhood and Saturday night (1/30) at Iota with Olivia Mancini and the Mates. They’ve also tossed in the brand new CD ‘Memento Mori’ for each ticket winner. Cuz they do indeed love you back.

Here’s how it’ll go (as it always does:) jump up and down in the comments to this post and plead your case to attend one of the two shows this weekend. We’ll have two winners—one per show—who sufficiently inspire us with their brilliant entry.

Em and Suz are picking the winners too, so y’know, put some effort into it. You’ve got til noon on Friday!


Anonymous said...

I had never heard of y'all until I won tickets on the City Paper site, a day before the show! Loved the music, but was extremely upset to find I couldn't make the show. I'd love to spend Saturday night jammin with y'all at Iota! Please!

I worked in the music business for 6 years, and got out of it very frustrated because I found folks at that level had lost their passion for the art. It is obvious to me that the musicians and songwriters of Exit Clov still have it, and I'd love to support and spread the word about that passion in any way I can. Let's start by getting me some tickets to Saturday's show!!!

Valerie said...

Wow. I can't write a message as sincere and Mikey's but I listened to a few of your tracks and I dig em, and my Friday night plans appear to have fallen through, and the Strathmore's pretty dope :)

Sophia Faye Swengel said...

oh no am i too late?? i am darren from pa. was going to drive down friday night to the strathmore but overslept from a much needed nap and was too late to catch the show!!! have loved the clov ever since seeing them open for dengue fever at the black cat. i push them hard on everybody i know:) i am broke but still gonna try to drive 2 hours to catch the show at iota. 5 year old daughter LOVES exit clov! (she has great taste) hope to make it tonight!