Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Exit Clov's (closing day at) The Vinyl District...

...and it's been a delight to have them this week. Remember to get out to the Strathmore Mansion tonight and/or to Iota tomorrow night to see the band live. Pick up the brand new CD ‘Memento Mori’ while you're there too.

Em and Suz brought bagels for us this morning, so I'll turn it back over to them while I go get me one. Check back soon though...they've got 10 tracks you should be listening to as you rev up to see them this weekend.

Well folks, it's been real! Thanks so much for joining us this week during our takeover of The Vinyl District. We hope you enjoyed what we had to share with you. We also wanted to say a huge Clov thanks(!) to TVD for letting us invade for a week.

But before we go, here are some more Clov-related things to look forward to in 2010 and beyond.

New music video | In the near future, we have plans to shoot a brand new music video for a yet undisclosed track off the album. We'll be enlisting some film friends in New York to lend us their creative vision and incorporate our own as well. Word on the street is that the video may involve some clay....

Vermont writing sessions | Since last summer, we've spent two weeks in the countryside of beautiful, secluded Vermont, penning and demo-ing a slew of new tunes. Some of them have already become set list faves at our shows, including Rainbow Warzone and Autumn of the Patriarch. Hopefully we'll get enough songs together for another full-length release.

Covers! | Also later this year, we hope to release a covers EP with a handful of songs we've put our own spin on (maybe exclusively on vinyl!) We'll see. We're ironing out the deets as we speak.

So long, TVD readers!

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