Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Exit Clov's Vinyl District!

Sometimes it's hard to believe, but Exit Clov's been a band for 6.5 years. We've survived quite a lot together—relationships come and gone; broken down vans in Marshall, TX; 22-hour drives from Austin to DC; shady motels; and even the passing of loved ones. At the end of all of it, we're still making music together.

As we've grown together, each of us has also started up other projects with friends involving art in many forms. We've all branched out beyond Exit Clov as musicians & songwriters, crafters, audio engineers, writers, producers, entrepreneurs and even web & graphic designers. So we decided to create an umbrella entity -- called the Nervous People Collective -- to house all of these projects. We're launching the new website (designed by Susan!)

Please indulge us by reading our mantra, along with a brief description of each of the Nervous People projects. Hopefully you'll enjoy them, knowing they all have little pieces of Exit Clov. For each music project, we've posted a song for free download.


drunken sufis | Glenn Beck is edible...a dollar item on the duality menu...Obama smokes butts...he's still a shape shifting reptilian...Karzai's got warlords living can't believe what you we just watch... "What would we do baby without us..." Watch our video and listen to our track Torture Me, off our latest release. Free download: "Torture Me"

imoM | imoM is an independent line of artwork, jewelry and fashions we (em & suz) founded, inspired by the work of artist Ming-Yen Hsu. Our shop offers various adaptations and prints of his works on jewelry (acrylic earrings and necklaces), 4x6 cards and 11x14 prints that can be framed. Visit our etsy shop; friend us on Facebook; and follow us on Twitter!

milly beau | Milly Beau is a band from NYC making pretty sounds from urban grit... calling it soul thrash. We are named after a good ol' southern storyteller with a big heart and a salty mouth. We come from hip hop, jazz and indie rock. Beat and LES poems ignite the lyrics and the JMZ train lives in every recording. Visit our myspace page or follow us on Facebook. Free download: "So Chic"

mousybabe | mousybabe is a website that houses all of Em & Suz's miscellaneous projects. We blog, we read, write & play music, rant, meet interesting people, eat food, make jewelry and little videos. Our latest video is a holiday stop-motion film short, featuring imoM art/jewelry and the soundtrack of a holiday tune we wrote/recorded last winter 2008. Last summer, we also filmed a home fundraising video that went viral on YouTube across the Pacific Ocean!

the sounds of domestic living | Spare dark folk country soulful pop blues. Debut track just released and available for free download below. The track was mixed/mastered by Greg Maly of Basshound, engineered by Patrick White and Greg Maly. Check back for a lounge remix of this track from Greg, which should be available shortly. Be our friend on Myspace and Facebook. Free download: "Gold to Refine"

sri | An "avant-pop" duo from New York City, formed in late 2008. Self-produced and engineered, their debut EP, Bone Bazaar, is the result of nearly a year of experimental recording, meticulous sound design, and richly layered instrumentation. A haunting example of modern-day DIY, keep an eye out for upcoming live performances! Get Sri's Bone Bazaar from iTunes or visit their Myspace page. Both members of Sri are also the founders and chief engineers of Stitch Sound Mobile Recording, Mixing and Mastering. Free download: "Vog"

stitch sound | Guerrilla-style recording, mixing & mastering. Located in Billywick. With an emphasis on performance and creative solutions, at Stitch, we pride ourselves on capturing unique sound in any location. Wherever we end up, our sessions are always pressure-free and set to inspire. Whatever the time table, whatever the budget, our greatest joy and satisfaction comes in seeing each project reach its fullest potential. Visit our website for more!

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