Thursday, November 5, 2009

It's Nicole Atkins' Vinyl District—Vinyl & Ticket Giveaway

What would a week with Nicole Atkins on the blog be without a chance to see her kill it live and the opportunity to take home her Columbia Records debut? Well, that'd certainly be an incomplete week.

Being the completists that we are however, you won't need to imagine that dire scenario because Nicole's hooked us up with a pair of tickets to her show at the Rock and Roll Hotel this Friday night as well as the aforementioned debut LP 'Neptune City' on glorious vinyl for one lucky winner.

Nicole's spending the week here at The Vinyl District rummaging through her favorite record stores around the country, so we'd like you to give a shout out to your favorite shop (DC or beyond) in the comments to this post for a shot to win the vinyl and the tickets for Friday night.

Remember to leave us some contact info and we'll choose the best one by Thursday COB for the tickets and the vinyl. Get to it!

Nicole Atkins - Together We're Both Alone (Mp3)


Rhyme said...

Well I would never be able to make the concert but if noone else jumps on this I would be happy to have the record for my collection!

Janice Darling said...

I haven't lived in DC very long so I don't know of many, but I really love Melody record shop!

And I love Nicole Atkins, too! Apparently Vinyl District thinks I kind of look like her, but I think it's just the picture. :)

My e-mail: dearestjanice@gmail.

Austin Tolin said...

Can't go wrong with Waterloo Records in Austin, TX.

e-mail: contact [at] austintolin [dot] com

dickvandyke said...

Aaah Nicole ...

A songsmith who's talent knows no bounds.

A shaft of golden sunlight in a dark and dangerous world.

The tremelo tigress growl warms my aching bones.

Bathe in the deep blue velvet and recharge your soul.

A striking example of love, looks and laughter.

In another time, another place, I may see her.


Alas Jon, The Sea divides us. I can't see the lovely woman in the flesh - as it's the wrong Washington for me! I trust that you might embrace the opportunity that knocks upon your door? Blow her a warm kiss from me.

Alex said...

There's a great used record store in L.A. called Record Surplus (whose huge sign proclaims it "The Last Record Store"). They've got a loft upstairs where the vinyl is generally under a buck.

Sadly, with the closing of Rhino and a bunch of other great stores, Record Surplus may truly be the last record store standing :(

Paul said...

I really like The Sound Garden in Baltimore city. I tend to like some hard to find 70s vinyl stuff like John Cale and they are great about helping me find what I'm looking for. Their staff is knowledgeable and helpful, and I always leave satisfied.

I'm hoping to go to the Nicole Atkins show Friday. I saw her at her last Rock N Roll Hotel show and she really puts on a great show. Her new songs like "Civil War" and "The Tower" are great and really show a new level of maturity in her songwriting.

My contact info is .

Jon said...

Thank you all for entering - we have our winner.