Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's a TVD/Crosley Radio USB Turntable Giveaway!

...our Crosley Turntable Giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who entered!

What would our 33-1/3 Days of Vinyl Giveaways be without something to play those new records on? Well, happily we don’t need to ponder that dire scenario because our friends at Crosley Radio have offered TVD the brand new CR6007A Tech Turntable to give away as part of our 33-1/3 series of LP Giveaways!

The official info: Blast into the vinyl preservation revolution with the CR6007A Tech Turntable. Simply plug in a USB or SD card to transfer music from your records, giving you the flexibility to put the digital tunes on CDs or your MP3 player. The tech turntable’s playback feature can also be used to listen to prerecorded MP3 files. This Crosley turntable even features a PAR (portable audio ready) hookup for MP3 players, and an analog AM/FM radio for more listening enjoyment.

The CR6007A Tech features: USB/SD Encoding • USB/SD Card Reader • Belt Driven Turntable Mechanism • Plays 3 Speeds - 33 1/3, 45 & 78 RPM Records • Plays 7", 10" and 12" Records • Portable Audio Ready – Simply Plug in Your Portable Audio Device or MP3 Player • LCD Display • AM/FM Radio • Analog Tuner • External FM Antenna • Dynamic Full Range Stereo Speakers • Auxiliary Input • Auxiliary Output • Headphone Jack • Wood Style Cabinet • Remote Control

We’ll be sponsoring the contest to win the Crosley CR6007A Tech Turntable throughout the final 33-1/3 days of Summer 2009. To win, all you need to do is capture our attention in the comments to this post, and on 9/21 we’ll choose one lucky winner from the many witty and intellectual comments we’re certain to receive. (We’re optimists.)

So, make ‘em good. We’ll see ya back here on 9/21 when we choose our winner!

(...and many thanks to Crosley for their generous support!)


Valerie said...

I'm not very witty, but I like winning stuff. And I'd like this turntable so that I can actually play some of this small collection of vinyl that I have (even though I have no turntable of any kind anymore...I still buy vinyl even though I can't listen to it). So! :)

Nick said...

Can't you extend it to 45 or even 78 days. I really need the time for my Bill Haley collection and the Mario Lanza recordings I rescued from Uncle Vito's basement, not to mention the LPs I picked up over the decades.

Bruce said...

Blissfully vinyl
Wonderfully excellent
Evolve MP3

FamousDC said...

I got two turntables .... and a Famous blog.

Good luck with your promotion and let us know how we can help.


Lemmonex said...

I have really vivid memories of going through my mom's vinyl when I was a kid. Saturday was cleaning day and I could choose the record to clean to...she had some great stuff like all the Beatles, Aerosmith, CSN, Little Feat. Of course, since I was 10, I always picked Grease. I did go through a stage where I was completely enamored of her Jesus Christ Superstar album, though.

Anonymous said...

We have lots of records***sigh***
but alas no way to hear them. Wonder what John has to say about peace? Wonder if Cat is still being followed by a moon shadow? Wonder if the Smothers Brothers are still singing about the little bird that goes TWEET TWEET? Wonder if Peter, Paul, and Mary still get along? We miss Alice from that restaurant and all the others....
please consider us for your swanky new funky cool new record player.

Oldetymer said...

Alas I am guilty of being brainwashed by the modern era,(CD's,DVD's,MP3's, digital everything),but I promise if you were to choose me for this contest I will bust my vinyl out of captivity (stored in boxes for too many years to count)and give them the respect they so richly deserve, Thanks

DDay said...

Every time I visit my parents, they keep asking me when I'll take away the 45s and LPs that are stashed there. My excuse has always been that I don't have a turntable at our place. Even though I have no clue why they would need the extra space, you'd be doing them a great favor if you let me win this :-D

PS: Mind you, all those Prince maxis, Soft Cell's Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go mix and BowieRare deserve to be heard once more.

Brian said...

Wholly crap that is a good looking little piece of equipment.

The front of it reminds me of my Dad's Fisher receiver I used to play with when I was a kid.

I used to piss my Dad off by listening to all his 33-1/3s on the 45 and 78 speeds because I preferred the Chipmunks sound. I blame him for buying me the Chipmunks sing the Beatles on LP. I thought that is how all records were supposed to sound.

Needless to say he was not a happy camper about me ruining his Humble Pie and Black Sabbath LPs over extended plays by me and of course my brief attempt at being a young wannabe RUN-DMC DJ.

I love how this thing is all in one and looks so classy too.

Not trying to be witty or anything on this post but I know this would go to some good use in my house. I would even try and record some Humble Pie for my pops direct from LP to MP3. I am sure it would bring a smile to his face.

Ken said...

I bought a Crosley turntable for a friend a few Christmases ago. I was so tempted to keep it and give him something else. Maybe you can reward me for my good nature.

Dawn said...

A Compilation For You

I'm like a record player
I keep goin' round

I can get a record player and a generator.
Generate the music that makes you feel better.

I got a dusty old pile of vinyl records sittin’ on my floor.
I’ve played each one of em’ over and over a dozen times or more.

Watch the tables turn
(Watch the tables turn)

Well, ya spin like a DJ’s turntable

Put the needle on the record
With somethin unexpected
To keep me goin (goin)

Girl, put your records on, tell me your favourite song
You go ahead, let your hair down

You spin me right round, baby
right round like a record, baby

Let go and breathe it in
Let the record spin
Like a record
Spin, spin, spin, spin mi yeh
Spin, spin, spin, spin mi yeh
Spin, spin, spin, spin mi yeh eh ay

Mr. DJ spin it one more time,
We gonna play it back to back,
Rock it two times,

You need to spin this record
everybody's getting tipsy (let's go)

Tonight's the night I'm gonna rock the stage
Got my DJ name and my record case
Now the dancefloor is calling out your name
When the beat drops you're gonna yeah yeah yeah yeah

[I just wanna slow dance] DJ let the record spin around real nice and slow, yeah
(You're the only one I want to slow dance with) Baby, let's slow dance right now

Hey hey DJ
Come on spin the record ‘round
I know that I've got the moves to bring this disco down


Blank said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David said...

Top five albums I'd play on this record player and why:

1) New Order - Low-Life:
There's no better way to christen a needle than with pounding bass lines and drum cadences that don't quit.

2) Guadalcanal Diary - Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man:
Then, I'd sooth those speakers with some jangly guitars and vaguely religious lyrics.

3) Fairport Convention - Liege & Lief:
To keep the turntable on its toes, a hop back across the pond and Sandy Denny's ethereal vocals would do. Plus what good's a record player unless it has a few good pops and hisses to keep it company?

4) Marshall Crenshaw - Marshall Crenshaw:
Now, comes the exercise session. These songs are peppy enough, but just imagine what a good love song sounds like at the wrong speed!

5) The Band - Music from Big Pink:
Finally, as I pull the weight of this last piece on vinyl off the player, I'd put it right back on me and into its proper sleeve.

Mmm. So good!

Christopher said...

after reading some of these comments, hell, I got nothin. No seriously I got nothing to play my vinyl on. I have stacks of the licorice pizza going stale in my house as I dont have player. and if you dont send me a player then i am gonna have to melt all this precious viny. Do I have you attention now? Thats right, give me the turnable or the records get it!

Naw just kiiding. about the records getting it part. Bust seriously, I dont have a turntable and really need one badly. It will make my winter better as my "summer without music" sucked.

tommarques said...

I'm absolutely in love with Crosley products (really). I certainly will get them all (really again), if i could buy them in my country; with lot of high soccer players (and their high incomes) and even higher taxes paid by unfortunate people like me.

To political?

Benj said...

Much like the warmth of a new Spring sun, do I yearn
To hear music in the way, in the past, it was heard
My current player, does injustice
to my LP's
I believe a new Crosley
Would really really help me.

JDF said...


I really like stegosaurus. I really like thundercats. I really like shitty magic tricks.

But nothing would tickle my fancy more than a shiny new record player to catapult my Miniature lawnmower collection from.

I need help.

Brian said...

I'm going to get right to the point. It's been a tough year, and I could really use a smile about now. Thanks for a great site.

Flecton Big Sky said...

me and wife moved into our first house ever this year. we were very excited. we've been there just under 6 months. the other day i unpacked my last box of stuff. then a few days after that we got a call from my wife's family. grandma is much to ill to stay on her own anymore and she refuses to go into a home. you guys need to get rid of your house, put your stuff into storage and go live with grandma.

so that's what we are going to do because it's the right thing to do. receiving this Crosley would allow me to burn some LPs before they go into storage for an indeterminate amount of time.

Michael (Snick422) said...


Oh, we were supposed to talk about the turntable. Well I have lots of vinyl I can't listen to or convert to digital for portable listening because my turntable is in disrepair and I can't afford a new one :(

I would really appreciate this beautiful high quality turntable and would be eternally grateful to TVD and Crosley.

Oldetymer said...

Update to earlier post (Contact Info)

Aman said...

I don't own a turntable. I don't own any vinyls.

But I did get a chance to hear a vinyl for the first time at my friends place two months ago and I was in love. Pure unadulterated love.

However, my financial situation (see: Dead Broke) won't allow me to indulge in my new love. So I'm hoping you guys will give me the turntable and start me off on a journey to discovering the beauty of vinyls.

Dan R said...

My dad bought me my first vinyl record when I was six years old. It was a Ramones record, and it has long since disappeared. As a child of the 90's, I grew up with cassettes; later, CDs.

I was reintroduced to vinyl last year. I salvaged a turntable from my girlfriend's dad's basement, and picked up a cheap receiver and pair of speakers from a local thrift shop. Since then I've been buying vinyl.

I've purchased a fair amount of new vinyl, but most of my collection (about 80 or so, thus far) has been unearthed from flea markets and yard sales. Many Sunday afternoons have been spent inside musty shipping containers, moving cardboard box after cardboard box, digging for something special. Many more are still to come - 80 is nowhere near enough. My books are getting crammed further and further and vinyl continues to take over shelves.

I appreciate this blog, and your undying love for vinyl (and great bands, to boot). If you decide my comment is the winner, I promise I'll transfer anything I have to MP3 and share it with you. :)

Eric said...

If I don't win this record player, Herb Alpert will die.

Not literally, of course, but Alpert and the rest of the faces in my record collection (from the Ramones to Vivaldi to James Bond to Frank Sinatra to Cheap Trick) will be yard sale fodder if'n I don't get a turntable soon to play them on.

It's not my decision, of course. I'd never send those vinyl masterpieces out into the cold harsh world, but the mandate has come down from above that the records take up much too much space in a house that does not, since our move last year, hold a record player.

A turntable like this would grant my poor records a reprieve, especially since it doesn't come in an oversized console for which we probably also don't have room. Have mercy!

Foleymore said...

So here's my story..... I'm not a young thing, I will just say that I am over 40. This year, for mother's day I asked for a turntable and everybody laughed. I got brunch that day and no turntable.

In our basement we have a ton of vinyl- lots of stuff from the old days...... we have all the 7 inch singles from the Postcard label, we have the PIL metal box, we vinyl from Sugar Hill records, Factory Records, Creation...... the list goes on and on and on. In those days, before kids, all the spare cash went to vinyl and concerts.......we have old disco stuff from the 70's....... We have some great bootleg vinyl, when bootlegs were hard to get, not just ripping shit from the internet..... All this vinyl sits in the basement and needs to be resurrected, like a musical lazarus.......

I'd love to win me a portable turntable.... and maybe, just maybe I would start a blog..... Mama's vinyl..... share our musical legacy with the world....... one LP at a time......

Mukh said...

Gretings from SINGAPORE.
I am a lecturer at a local polytechnic and teach young adults history. In this modern era of ipods and facebook and tweeter, they forgot that music was once presented in black shiny dics(lps)
this USB turntable would be the PERFECT answer to combine the best of the old and the new. I hope that will convert my students to go dig vinyl. Anyway, thanks for a great website and remember, Vinyl is King!

Mukh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
28N said...

Me thinks my Robert Goulet's Wonderful World of Christmas album would look delicious spinning on her this holiday season.

Gary said...

I wanna eatah egg, I wanna eatah egg, I wanna eatah egg!!! Turntable: Get in my belly!!!

Vitrubian said...

i just want to hide that sharpening knives' silence

Andrew said...

Winning this would be almost as good as a Rotier's milkshake...


D.C. said...

Last year, my wife and I adopted two young boys out of foster care, now aged 6 and 10. When they first moved in they looked with wonder at the old, beaten up Pioneer turntable gathering dust in the basement and my oldest asked what it was.

It made me think back to raiding my parents' record collection as a kid and listening to "Cosmo's Factory" by Creedence and "Live at Harlem Square" by Sam Cooke, discovering that there were things outsidethe world in which I lived in inner city Baltimore and that a lot of great sounds filled the air before I was even born. These are revelations!

I don't live in Baltimore or the inner city anymore -- but I would like to give that same experience to my sons. When I saw the posting for your contest, I went into my attic and dug out the vinyl copies of Neil Young's "Decade", Aretha Franklin's "I Never Loved a Man...." and yes, even "Thriller". I thought about the purity of sound I got from these discs and the never ending stack of 45's that my kids look at as artifacts.

I want to share the experience of listening to music as an event with two children who have seen it heretofore as nothing more than a left click on a mouse. That, and a desire to preserve a legacy of sound sitting unheard inside my home, is why I want the Crosley. I want my kids to know that there is a lot more to the world of music than whatever generic hip-hop/dance music they hear on the radio or from their friends. This is what I would do with a brand new Crosley. Thanks for letting me speak my peace. Take care.

Ian said...

I'm in love with the modern world! Oh, well that modern world circa 1978... that means I am stuck with gobs of gobsmacking good music locked away on vinyl. Time to get that party started...and to allow me to be cheap and wander through yard sale after yard sale, rifling through cardboard boxes of vinyl and saying, "I'm having that. Oh, and I'm having that too."

Jamison said...

Collecting vinyl for me has long been, in part, a practice in collecting memorabilia. Over the last 6 years of show-hopping and radio-hosting I've managed to accrue quite the collection of special release LP's. The fact that in this day and age anyone can discover any and all musicians via the internet is amazing but it does lead to a generation of listeners who have traded the warm quality of analog sound for the low-bit-rate crud that is readily available. Whenever I have the opportunity to see a band I love play live, I make sure to pick up my favorite album on LP from the merch booth. There is no other way to really appreciate the art and acoustics which these artists strive to achieve while supporting them directly!

Now that I have moved to an area with 3 record stores in walking distance (and away from a roommate with a record player) my growing collection faces a sad level of under-appreciation: I can't play them! Help me set my lovely collection free to the airwaves again! My Portishead vinyls just aren't as lovely to look at when they aren't filling my living room with beautiful sound!

Sitting in the less-than-blissful silence of Columbia Heights,

Dasepticon said...

Hello! Just stumbled across this site and i'm loving what I see. My birthday is 9/21 and I would like nothing more than to receive a USB turntable as a gift lol...I'm a hip hop producer that loves sampling from old vinyl and a USB turntable is perfect for what I do! Anyways, glad to have found this site; looking forward to spending some more time here...Peace all...

Colonel Joe said...

I've been told, that I am full a wit! Well...I believe "WIT" was the word they used.

Stacy Mallardi-Stajcar said...

I have a couple of thousand 45s that I've been collecting to play in our jukebox. Some are more than 50 years old--thanks Mom! I would like to preserve these recordings with the beautiful Crosley USB turntable you are giving away. Pops, scratches and all. Not witty, but truthful... Thanks for the great giveaways.

Marshall said...

I could REALLY use this. All of my turntables except 1 are are worn out. The 1 is in dire need of a new cartidge. Being able to play and save my 78 rpm and 45 rpm collection would be great. Please help!

Anonymous said...

Hi again. I wrote on August 17th (Anonymous). Mary Travers just died. Wow, how sad and what a musical loss. I really do have all the Peter, Paul, and Mary records, as wells as stacks of others. **Sigh** it really would be good to hear all my old music the way it is supposed to sound. Peace to Mary and all the other old troubadours. Peace to you. Kris in Minnesota right on the old Mississippi River listening to the geese, swans, and pelicans starting their migration south.

silman13205 said...

I'm just an older schlub who doesn't ever win anything.There is an enormous vinyl collection in the corner of my living room that I would love to listen to again, at home and drivin' along the highway. I would love to win, probably won't. Thanks for your consideration.

tuninturner said...

I just sold my player at a yard sale in attempt to make some money to go to France. An experience of a lifetime but I couldn't bare to part with the vinyl so now I only have some really great album art to look at.

If I'm chosen to win this sweet player. I make a promise here to keep my dad's collection alive and introduce new generations to the beautiful music that formed me and I'm sure millions of others.

Viva la revolution vinyl!

Bryan said...


Lisa Winston said...

When I committed the unforgiveable sin of finally giving away most of my vinyl (though one lonely milk crate still sits in the garage teasing me ... with the front LP Billy Joel's "Cold Spring Harbor," I saved a few of my VERY favorite albums that I couldn't bear to part with even if I could never listen to them again in that format (I did, however, keep all my hundreds of 45s because just in and of themselves they are a library of childhood and teen years).

I hereby publicly humiliate myself by listing the albums I kept here, as a possible attention getter just in terms of total obscure weirdness:

-- Gunhill Road (both versions of their eponymous second album, both with the original drug-referenced "Back When My Hair Was Short" and the cleaned-up-for-AM-radio version, and their first LP "First Stop)
-- Sadistic Mica Band, "Hot Menu"
-- Original Soundtrack of "L'il Abner"
-- Stackridge, "Pinafore Days"
-- Richie Havens, "Mixed Bag 2"
-- Shirley Temple's "Greatest Hits"
-- Captain Kangaroo, ditto
-- Keith Sykes, "The Way That I Feel"
-- Aztec Two-Step, eponymous debut
-- Fifth Dimension, "Age of Aquarius"
-- Jackson 5, "Maybe Tomorrow"
-- Rupert Holmes, "Widescreen"
-- Kate and Anna McGarrigle, "French Record"
-- Heatwave, "Too Hot Too Handle"

Eclectic much?

Anonymous said...

Crates of old vinyl
Gathering dust on the floor
Like forgotten toys


rascal said...

Turntable ala mode.....
The worst actual reoccurring nightmare a record collector experiences is moving. Records make the moving process a near Olympic training session!! The artform of transporting vinyl is strenuous but necessary when one is addicted to collecting. With over 700 records, I've mastered said artform through the years; the trick is no crates, and no boxes full of nothing but records as the result is holy hell!!
Vinyl vs digital is like comparing homemade Lemonade to the powdered mix you buy at the supermarket. yuck.

annalene said...

alright, this turntable looks good... much better than my turntable that just recently died (whomp whomp). the crosley looks great, but would look even better in my house (kekeke).

i also have a crosley corsair cd player/radio/clock (something to play music on that DOESN'T play records? USELESS!) still sealed all pretty in it's box which i will GLADLY donate to charity if i happen to win this. lots of good entries here and winning is unlikely, but hey i'm just throwing that out there!

Anonymous said...

and the winner is?

Jon said...

We truly wish we could award a turntable to all of you, but we've chosen our winner.

Thank you all for reading and entering.

Anonymous said...

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