Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TVD Vinyl Giveaways for the Last 33-1/3 Days of Summer!

If you’re like the mid-August me, the impending ending of the summer’s always a drag. It used to be the looming prospect of returning to school that’d have me in disarray, but now it’s mostly the speed at which summer sails by with little beyond a farmer’s tan to show for it.

So, in the constant effort to bring you an upside, we’re counting down the last 33-1/3 days of summer with weekly vinyl giveaways to gracefully usher in the Fall.

Our friends over at Interpunk have supplied us with two reissued versions of Bad Religion's 1994 release 'Stranger Than Fiction' for ONE winner to kick off the 33-1/3 Vinyl Giveaways.

We’ve got the very LAST copy of an Interpunk Exclusive version on clear vinyl (that’s right—sold out, only 500 pressed) and a collectible red vinyl reissue of the Southern California-based band's Atlantic Records debut album (and eighth of their career). Mastered from the original analog tapes! Original album produced by Andy Wallace and Bad Religion! Highlights include "Incomplete" (featuring guest riffs from the MC5's Wayne Kramer), "The Handshake," "Slumber" and the title track!

We’ve got them both just for the asking. Or, the commenting, I should say. Plead your case in the comments below (with some contact info!) and we’ll choose the best of the bunch next Monday (8/24) and launch our next 33-1/3 Giveaway. (If you’re following us on Twitter—and y’ should be—we’ll take your 140 characters as entries as well...)


Unknown said...

Awesome selection!

I've been listening to Bad Religion for a long time now. I saw them only once though. A year or two ago on the Warped Tour. So good. Most of the kids there had no idea who they were. :( C'mon kids, there were bands before Cobra Starship!

Stacy said...

I should win, because I'm twitter friends with @addictedtovinyl and I collect records. HA! And recently wrote about my travels looking for vinyl at

I want it all!

Brian said...

I would love to have that clear vinyl in my hands. I am a huge BR fan as @addictedtovinyl might have mentioned and thanks to being banned from social netorking sites / websites at my paying gig I did not realize the sale of the clear vinyls and missed out on the oppertunity to order it.

How far will I go for this?

I will fight Stacy in a parking lot of your choise with illegal weapons for a chance to win the clear version. I will even allow @addictedtovinyl to join her for a fair chance.

I have seen BR more times than I can count and have lost my voice many a time during the show screaming/signing along. I would have to say they are in my top 10 all time bands of all genres of music and I listen to everything.

May the best vinyl junkie win.

Liz in... said...

I'm not petitioning this for myself. I'm petitioning to win for my boyfriend, who quite possibly eats, sleeps, and breathes Bad Religion. He's a bassist, and can play every BR song on bass. I will admit, I didn't really know them until he introduced them to me, and now even I, a dark, evil Republican so often castigated on these albums, loves the band. And my boyfriend also is a big, huge vinyl person (or was in hs) who recently got back into it, bringing his turntable out and listening to Green Day on vinyl (and the original Star Wars soundtrack. Hell yeah!). So, my rambling post boils down to this: my boyfriend loves vinyl and BR. And I want to be the coolest, best girlfriend ever and give him this vinyl BR record cause I know that he will truly love it.