Saturday, September 19, 2009

TVD's LAST Vinyl Giveaway for the Last 33-1/3 Days of Summer!

Oh sure, perhaps it's a return to summer with this morning's weather but don't be fooled - Fall looms and arrives this time next week. But we're going out on a high with our very LAST Vinyl Giveaway for the Last 33-1/3 Days of Summer!

ONE winner will receive:'s that for a finale?

Do whatcha' gotta do in the comments to this post (with contact info, please!) and we'll award one winner all three LP's to close out our series of contests. We're shutting the doors on summer and these giveaways next Monday (9/21) so get crackin'. Like Fall is.


zandria1 said...

I am being both charming AND arresting (yes just by saying so) and I REALLY want this Wilco LP quite badly.

p.s. This has been a fun series of articles to watch progress, and no I am not sucking up. That is unless sucking up helps then I totally am :)

Dan R said...

This is a fantastic giveaway. I'm a big Wilco fan, and I love the new album (although I don't own it yet). The Regina Spektor album is also good, from what I've heard of it, although I'd probably give it to my little sister. She's a big fan of Spektor, and this would be her first vinyl record.

I don't have any sob story to tell or anything like that, I'm just a big fan of music and a big fan of vinyl. I really appreciate these giveaways, whether I win them or not! If you do decide to send something my way, my email is in my blogger profile.

Thanks for reading!

pattennn said...

Two months into living in the District and I am purchasing my very first turntable from a local DC record store (Crooked Beat). How sweet would it be if my very first record was WILCO(!) and these other cool ones, from the totally rad DC Music Blog Site, The Vinyl District....

Keepin' it local AND great story to tell :)

annalene said...

wow, awesome end to the last 33-1/2 days of summer! three releases from three solid artists, i'm very impressed! but i'm even more impressed with that fact that i don't own any of these albums. i hope that will possibly change? my contact info is in my profile, hint hint ;)

i haven't listened to any wilco since yankee hotel foxtrot, but this post has inspired me to brush up. i mean, who can resist a camel in a fez (or is it party hat? fez, i think). i can only imagine how good that cover looks in lp format, orange is my favorite color afterall.

and of course who can resist a little regina spektor... amazing voice and always stellar songwriting. i haven't heard anything off of 'far' except 'laughing with', which in all honesty i don't like too much, but i definitely need to give the whole album a listen as i can't imagine anything spektor being bad at all.

that stardeath and the white dwarfs cover is awesome- total throwback. good music, and yeah, i have to say it, the flaming lips-esque moments are actually appreciated. i can see this band getting better with time, so hopefully they stick around for awhile.

good stuff all around. thank you as always TVD for hooking your readers up, definitely one of my favorite blogs!