Sunday, March 8, 2009

TVD's Eleven Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways | Week 6!

Jones: You dirty sod. You dirty old man.

Grundy: Well keep going chief, keep going. Go on. You've got another five seconds. Say something outrageous.

Jones: You dirty bastard.

Grundy: Go on, again.

Jones: You dirty fucker.

Grundy: What a clever boy.

Jones: What a fucking rotter.

(...Classic discourse, eh?)

And a classic disc, of course, for Week 6 of TVD's Eleven Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways--it's "Never Mind the Bollocks" in 180-gram glory! And if that isn't enough we're tossing in a bit of what that classic LP hath wrought generations on with Foxboro Hottub's "Stop Drop And Roll." (And it's no secret that the 'Tubs are actually...well wait, we'll let you guess in the comments.)

Think you just might need these LPs to kick some life into your vinyl collection? Grab our attention in the comments WITH your email address (important!) so we can contact you about your triumphant win. (Or, you can comment and forward your email address in an email to us. We're not picky.) And remember - each entry into our vinyl contest is an automatic entry to win the Stanton T.90 USB turntable on Record Store Day 2009!

Just make it funny. Or make it smart. About record stores. Or Record Store Day. Or vinyl. About us or you. Or something else all together. Just make it before next Monday (3/9) when we'll choose our winner. (AND launch giveaway #7...)


Joe said...

The contests just keep getting better and better every week! No way can you top this. The Sex Pistols by themselves would be great, but to add Green Day (oops, I mean Foxboro Hottubs) just puts it over the top.

gpl2day at hotmail dot com

Stax said...

Green Day is to The Sex Pistols as Hot Topic is to Goodwill.

God Save the Green!

staxnet at gmail dot com

JV said...

Foxboro hot tubs? Is Tom Brady still sitting in one?

jvitkun at yahoo dot com

Rob T said...

I first heard the Sex Pistols around 1980 (we were a little behind in central Kentucky) when a school friend bought a collections of their singles. He was a slob who left his vinyl laying around his room to be ruined, often by spilled cereal. It disgusted me the way he treated records since all mine were handled with care, but I borrowed and taped alot of stuff (including the Pistols) from him. Every time I hear the Sex Pistols now, I think back to his disgusting bedroom and stacks of vinyl carelessly thrown around, AND the great sounds that came from the speakers as we listened to those singles.
rtinoh at yahoo dot com

Charles said...

I used to live in Atlanta. There was a movie theater that showed mostly old films, and it was located in the space where the Pistols played their first U.S. show. It was an odd space for a theater.

When PIL came to town for some shows, I managed to get a telephone interview with Mr. Lydon for an article I wrote. He called from New York where he had been imbibing a bit but it was a good conversation. "Flowers of Romance" had just been released and I mentioned that I heard Celtic influences, and he said, "Thank You!" in his best Johnny Rotten voice.

I have a well-worn vinyl copy of Bollocks and can certainly use a new one. But what I would really like is the double PIL record with the gray cover. I can't even remember the name of it but I played that thing to death.

Michele said...

never mind the black lips here's the sax poet

Dumbek said...

The Sex Pistols are supposed to be heard on vinyl filled with pops, crackles and skips. Preferably on a mediocre stereo and stored in a beer-stained sleeve. I find the idea of HQ 180-gram copies of Never Mind The Bollocks... to be a bit silly.

Claire said...

i'm pretty sure it's impossible to own these albums and not display them prominently, as they should be. pick me!

Sofia said...

I would love to leave the same indepth comments that have been left before me... The Sex Pistols were my introduction into punk music, an easy way to tick off my religious parents by playing Anarchy in the U.K. in my old cd player as loud as possible and making sure to shout the "I AM THE ANTI-CHRIST!!!" with particular venom. But then the story was just as interesting as the music, and the older I got the more I found myself buying books anytime they even mentioned any of the band's members. So please choose me! As a broke college student I've just barely begun easing myself into the wide world of vinyl, and having Nevermind The Bollocks would make me the happiest girl ever.

Fil said...
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Fil said...

I wonder how ancient "high definition" will sound in a few decades the way "high fidelity" sounds?


Brian said...

I remember the year that the Sex Pistols released this album. Unfortunately, I wasn't listening to them. For me, the late seventies was filled with disco music and the "Star Wars" soundtrack. I didn't get angry until the 1980's.

fiftypercent said...

I'll offer these thoughts, which I just put up at my (gradually becoming more vinyl-centered) blog:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and make a dramatic prediction. I've watched the CD aisles at Best Buy and Borders shrinking like crazy. The death of the packaged CD release is, I believe, inevitable. As a long time CD lover myself, I've seen my own passion eroded over time - chiefly due to the convenience and availability of digital downloads and due also to the cheapening of the CD as a medium. Or is my desk the only one that has stacks of CD-Rs, DVD-R's and other shiny discs displayed with all the reverence of a beer coaster?

Vinyl offers a viable, and exciting, alternative. I'm not the only one that thinks so. Check out this news report. There's something so tangible about holding these pieces of wax in your hands. Right now, vinyl prices are ridiculously low. But, in the future? Hey, I went into Best Buy yesterday and beamed at the sight of 180 gram record packages on the shelves. When music is free, or at least intangible, what is there left to own? And, a lesson that hopefully some of our email/ipod/wireless/mp3 youngsters will one day understand is this: it is in our own nature as human beings to feel ownership of the things that come to define the fabric of our lives. Or, to quote King Lear - "grant no more than nature needs, man's life is as cheap as beasts".

Dawn said...

Wow, what a combination! Both are so meaningful to me.

I became "music conscious" in the 80's. Van Halen was my first crush. But when Dookie came out it changed everything for me. I fell in love with Green Day then and continue to be now. Diehard fan till the end.

Strangely enough to some, Green Day got me into bands like The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Clash. I loved what I heard and looked into their influences and their peers.

I love punk music; in all its forms. Hardcore - pop punk and everything in between. New and old. I love how it is constantly changing but somehow stays the same. Like life :)