Friday, June 27, 2008

TVD Ticket Giveaway | Ladytron | Saturday (6/28) at The OuternationalMusic Tour at Merriweather Post Pavilion

I'm hanging out at TVD HQ last night and the red phone rings -- Ladytron on line three. I'm sorta averse to talking on the phone but what the hell, it's the whole band on speaker. "Big fans of the blog, coming to DC with the OuternationalMusic Tour, blah, blah, blah, how about you guys give away some free tickets, blah, blah, blah." But I'm down...I've got this thing for Liverpool, y'see and this band in particular.

I say, "Listen, Datarock's the very same night--I need some hook to set this contest apart--whatcha got?" There's this awkward pause where I could TELL they're pulling up TVD on the computer. I think it was Mira who picked up, "Oh yea? Well, how about we give away TWO sets of all day passes to the festival?!" (Good, I'm thinking, but we can do better.) "How about we sweeten it?" I say, polishing off my third mojito with that annoying, bottom of the glass straw noise. (Awkward pause #2.) I can hear some rummaging now. "OK, about a limited edition tour poster...a Ladytron totebag...and fuck all, the new CD too--the whole bag o' swag for each winner?!"

"Ladytron," I says, "you got yourself a deal."

Don't let 'em down folks--they put together one hell of a package. We've got TWO winners for this Saturday's OuternationalMusic Tour at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Ladytron joins DC's very own Thievery Corporation and TV on the Radio for this (semi)day-long event--so think big kids. Two winners each get a pair of tickets and all the swag the band could find sitting around their flat. Give it to us good and hard in the comments with contact info and we'll choose a winner by Friday at noon. (Now, where's my mojito...I put it down SOMEplace....)

Ladytron - Black Cat (Mp3)

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Marissa said... much as I hate to beg, well, here I am! Actually, scratch that, allow me to just sell myself, which we all know is something I excel at *wink wink*!

Basically, if you pick me (and you will, says nature...and science), I will guarantee that I will wear yellow pants. I'd promise a sweatervest, as well, but I think it's going to be a little too hot for all that wool. OK, I'll throw in a shiny silver tank-top. I'll look sort of like a robot, which is always a good thing. Robots look cool when they dance. That's right. I can promise you a dancing human-like robot in yellow pants. I believe this is a done deal.


Valerie said...

Hmm. I don't beg, but I will say that this prize is good enough to actually get me to drive up to Columbia, MD, and that's saying a lot with gas prices what they are these days and the pain of driving to, parking at, and driving back from Merriweather.

glttrgrrl [at] gmail [dot] com

Richard43 said...

The Soulwax remix of Ladytron's Seventeen totally knocked me off my feet a few years ago; "They only love you when you're seventeen, when you're 21 you're not hot." My daughters watched me jump around and sing along like a madman. Thought the old man had totally lost it. I've had an itch to see the band since then.

My son and I attended the Theivery concert at Merryweather at an all day event last year. Very mellow vibe, especially on the lawn. Seemed very old timey.

Hook me up with some tikets bro', I'd love to go. I'm probably the oldest regular reader of your blog (61), so I'll be easy to spot; just look for my tie-die walker.

Hans N. said...

I was afraid I was going to have to abandon my custom of attending every single DC-area Ladytron appearance...until now! However, even if I am not one of the chosen ones, I will still be at the DJ set at Bliss. Looking forward to that.

...Oh, and aren't the lyrics to Seventeen "They only want you when you're seventeen/When you're twenty-one, you're no fun"?

Eric Velarde said...
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Eric Velarde said...
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Eric Velarde said...


I was scheduled to shoot Ladytron at the Sonar show in Maryland, but my funds won't allow me to spend the gas to get up my portfolio (and soul) will sadly be missing Ladytron and Datarock's orgasmic performances

How's about helping a struggling student photographer out and hooking a brother up with tix?

I promise to rebleach my hair to death and make it platinum and blue like it was before...and wear my sexxxy hoodie

not sure how to post go to and look at how amazing my hair was

Love always and forever,
Eric Velarde
[insert shameless plug]

Lindsaytron said...

Ladytron is the most spectacular band ever.
If Rod Serling took all the wonderful things in the world, put hem in a big ole scifi-blender-machine and waited for something to come out- it would have been the best episode of the Twilight Zone ever, because he would fully expect some sort evil, bad thing to emerge- because let's face it, he likes predictable irony- but instead Ladytron would emerge from his wonderblender and there would be no mankind-is-the-devil twist at the end of the show. The audience would be like "gah, FINALLY it didn't turn out bad for everyone". it would be a bigger hit than the episode where ellie may clampett lived on the planet of ugly pig-faced people.
He would in fact be so shocked, he would have quit smoking and regained a new hope in mankind and have started a soup kitchen.

so you should probably give me tickets because i, too have been drinking and this is how my logic rolls. and i really wanna go to the show.


Christian said...
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Record digger said...

Me me will mean more money for vinyl.. it will mean I will get out of my girlfriends hair while she studies for her grad school final... me me me.. it will mean I get to see Seu Jorge and Thievery again and Ladytron for the first time.. sounds like I need to see em

Record digger said...

oh yeah i can be contacted at thanks

Anonymous said...

it doesnt really say how to win these tickets.. do you really just post a: "give me the tickets" msg. here?

I would like the tickets since i got kicked out of the terminal 5 show in nyc for sneaking in. I missed most of the ladytron part =(
i did find the after party tho
so not all was lost.

but i would like to see them so i could get a new t shirt.
they wouldn't even let me get a t shirt. terminal 5 sucks.. seriously

thanks for your time

Anonymous said...


that shit is going on right now
i didnt even realize..
i love being aloof

Jon said...

Even was LAST night.