Thursday, June 26, 2008

TVD Ticket Giveaway | Datarock | Saturday (6/28) at The Rock And Roll Hotel

So, I'm talking with the Datarock guys and they're like, "Jon, Jon...we get what you're trying to do this week with the real random old New Wave records, it's cool and all--but man, this shit's BORING. How can we help?"

"OK, OK" I thought, "maybe you have a point....but short of handing TVD a pair of free tickets to give away for the show this Saturday at the R&R Hotel with openers Ki:Theory and Sneakers In The Club and tossing in a free CD AND a tee shirt to the lucky winner--I just don't see how you could possibly help?" Fredrik looked at Ket-Ill, Ket-Ill looked at Fredrik, ...and a plan was set in motion.

Down with Datarock? Let us hear from you in the talk-back box and you'll get the tickets, the CD, and the tee shirt. No arm twisting necessary--just be convincing and leave us some contact info. We'll choose a winner by noon on Friday.

Datarock - Computer Camp Love (Mp3)

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dckicks said...

I am down with Datarock! (Although I'm not entirely convinced that BMX is better than sex…) I can’t imagine a more entertaining evening than two Norwegian men in matching red jumpsuits and a Casio keyboard.


Marissa said...

Not sure if I can win two TVD contests, but I like to aim big.

Anyway, I, in fact, am down with Datarock. I like data, I like rock and I sure as hell like the amalgamation of the two into Datarock.

Plus, I can promise that I will dance my ass clear off, which is something DC sometimes has problems doing (I, however, come with a guarantee -- ).

Plus, since I keep my own little blog (
ahem), I will also be so kind as to report on the happenings for the world, er, the 10 people that read my slice of the Web to see.

Lastly, I think fjords are the coolest bodies of water on the face of the planet. Just sayin'.


Marissa said...

Uh-oh! Some of my links got a little fudged somehow. I hope that doesn't foil my chances...

What it means to say is that I come with a dance-my-ass-clear-off guarantee: ( -- see third paragraph down).

And fine, I'll repeat where my blog is e-located again, if I must. So many obnoxious self-plugs right now...but I'm supposed to sell myself, right?

*sigh technology*