Friday, June 27, 2008

TVD's Weekend Shots

Earlier this week, DCRTV reported, "'Father' Of FM Stereo Dies--Carl Eilers, often called the "father" of FM stereo radio, has died at age 83. A 50-year employee of Zenith Electronics in Chicago, Eilers co-developed the production of high-fidelity stereo sound over the airwaves. In 1961, the Federal Communications Commission adopted the Stereo FM Broadcast Standard, which is still in use." The Chicago Tribune has more here.

I note in his obituary that Mr. Eilers is survived by his wife, Sandy, a son, John; a daughter, Janet Ames; and a sister, Marie Maxwell. But really, isn't he survived by ALL of us who grew up on FM radio?

I wish I would have read this earlier--I would have sent flowers. In lieu of flowers then, a few FM rock radio classics for your Weekend Shots in memory of Mr. Eilers. And frankly, in memory of radio in general. (RIP)

Mott The Hoople - All The Young Dudes.mp3
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded By The Light.mp3
ELO - Can't Get It Out of My Head.mp3
The Doobie Brothers - China Grove.mp3
Foreigner - Cold As Ice.mp3
Steely Dan - Do It Again.mp3
Alice Cooper - Eighteen.mp3
Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle.mp3
Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way.mp3
Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water.mp3


Anonymous said...

Sadly, all these songs are still on radio stations that really did something special. Since the time of these songs, even these artists' new music cannot make a dent for the airwaves. It is sad.

Thank goodness for some great public radio stations out there!

Subservient Experiment said...

I noticed you had posted 'Blinded By The Light', I was wondering if you've seen this:

I got the biggest LOL from it!


Dj Cauze One said...

I know this is a long shot but is there anyway you can upload these songs again. I remember jamming all of these with my pops when i was younger and would love to have them to listen to.