Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TVD Takeover | True Womanhood

True Womanhood continues our very last TVD Takeover Week ever:

This past summer we had the pleasure of meeting one of indie rock’s hottest new buzz groups— Dom, of Hadley, Massachussets. Fresh after recording their debut EP, Sun Bronzed Greek Gods they signed to Astralworks and have been making waves, recording songs with GUCCI MANE and generally impressing fans with songs like "Burn Bridges" and this summer’s feel good classic “Living In America”

We caught them at their sold out show at 9:30 Club, where they opened for Ratatat. They stayed with us after their show, and had the chance to see the Pleasure Line in action (see below for details)...Dom is well known for pulling all sorts of crazy hijinks and we expect no different this time around. There’s really no-one we’d rather feature here and we hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed making it.

You guys had an exciting year, it seems like you only just formed your band, and you’ve experienced a “meteoric rise to success.” What have been some of the highlights?

major highlight my ex tryin 2 crawl back into da picture and turning her ass DOWN

Massachusetts is kind of like DC in that its has produced a few “hometown heroes” but many upcoming bands in both areas still seem to head to New York in search of success. What’s the scene actually like in Massachusetts?
there are a lot of fun collectives / diy spaces. mostly crust punx + alt folk types out this way

Tell us about the pleasure line. Spare no details.
plzr line is a toll free number ne1 can call / txt / sxt whatever. we give out free tix / dating advice / chat ya up np

We have seen you talk shit on Pitchfork about the bands Girls and Passion Pit and we thought it was funny. Would you care to elaborate, or are there any other bands you would like to denigrate in this interview? PS our band is off limits.
uh homeboy dont talk shit he talk da truth. lemme tell u bout this band called kelly clarkson and this other shitty band wavves that piss everyone the fuck off. kelly clarkson is a white trash no talent BITCH and wavves=the nu blink 182 only a lot less fun since im not in 6th grade no more

What’s next for Dom? Any upcoming releases/tours/videos we should know about?
rerelease Sun Bronzed Greek Gods remastered in feb 2k11 / bowl cut single + gucci mane collab due out jan / new album due out in spring

You just finished your first ever tour, with Ratatat, and got to play at a sold out 9:30 club. Was that your first time in Washington, DC? How’d you like it down in these parts?
wasnt first time at 9:30. we luv dc the ppl there are a lot of fun and da babes r way hawt

Buy Dom’s EP here. Follow Dom on Facebook. Pleasure line number available on Twitter.

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