Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TVD First Date | Anika

In line with True Womanhood's very last Takeover Week here at TVD comes over very last 'First Date.' And it's a sad, sad tale, indeed.

"Around a year and a half ago came a very very sad moment…. It was my housemate's birthday. We were all out and I decided to stay out longer with some other friends. The others went back to our house… I went home and found my kitchen in a trashed state and red wine poured all over my bed. Seriously pissed off, I went to sleep to deal with it the next morning. I had to go to work early so thought I'd sort it when I got home.

I had to work till really late again so then it was only 2 days later that I saw a Bad Boys Inc vinyl cover (a joke present given to me by my old uni housemate Lucinda) out of the bathroom window lying in the rain, in our back garden. Assuming it had blown out the window, I went into the garden to investigate to find my entire 45 collection smashed against the back garden wall, sodden sleeves strewn around the garden, covered in mud. I climbed into the tree to retrieve a Morrissey single, only to see a load more of my vinyl in pieces in the next door neighbor's garden.

I was angry. Real angry. My housemate had gone to Paris for a week, so I couldn't get hold of her. The bouncers at work ran a screwdrivers through kneecap service and offered it to me for free but as a pacifist, it took all my might to decline because I knew it was my housemate's friends who were responsible. I had friends queuing up to punch the living daylight outta these guys. They were students and co-hosts on my housemates radio show. They admitted to trashing our kitchen but did not mention my records.

I quiz my housemate on her return. She says they don't remember doing it but i know it would have been them. No one else had been in our house.

It dragged on and on and then two months later I had to move to Bristol because I had quit my job. The bastards got away with it. But in the words of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill - revenge is best served cold…. and I certainly haven't forgotten….

It took me until recently to start buying vinyl again. It had hurt me so much. All those memories. All those records given to me by the artists. It was really shit."

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ohhhhhh shit. poor thing.