Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TVD Package Deal | Sarah Jaffe: Chicken Coups, Hecklers, and Bourbon which we follow up last month's live review with a sit down.

I had big ideas—digging deep, asking Sarah Jaffe about herself, getting the goods. Including but not limited to: what’s your writing style, how do you ‘work through a song,’ do these ideas come in dreams, are you single…

Instead, we talked about ‘the shittiest show she ever played,” why she won’t play "Luv" live anymore, and how she cannot wait for the release of her next EP (5 tracks, unpredictable.)

TVD: How’s the tour going? Some artists grow tired of their album before they perform their first song on tour, how are you feeling about 'Suburban Nature?'
SJ: Playing songs from the album now is like dusting off a favorite outfit, you wore it out and now someone else has invested interest in it [the outfit] and it’s good again.”

TVD: Which is staying your favorite, for now?
SJ: Tough, "Wreaking Havoc," I really like Robert’s (the guitarist) ambient additions

TVD: Sorry I was late, I got lost, cabs, etc (nervous excuses & babbling...)
SJ: No worries, I’m not from here either, but I’m thinking about making the move

TVD: Oh yeah? Leaving Denton for New York, what’s the hold up?
SJ: I love Denton, and my home…

TVD: Front and back porch?
SJ: Yeah, front and back. (smile)

TVD: So you're thinking about making moves, are you working on anything new (I am sure you are.)
SJ: (mockingly) Yes, I hope to put out an EP in Spring/Summer of 2011.

TVD: Have I heard these new tracks, and how many will there be?
SJ: Probably about five, and it's hard not to play them live, I'll play a few tonight.

TVD: So, I had the pleasure of hearing you for the first time at the Living Room, you sounded great, but your set was too short, glad to see you back in NYC.
SJ: Last night?

TVD: No…
SJ: Oh, right during the CMJ festival, yeah, jeez, that was a different environment. There were some jerks in the front, yelling about Texan stuff and being obnoxiously drunk.

TVD: Yeah I was next to them; he had cowboy boots on and was physically leaning on his group.
SJ: What a douche. Well, I enjoyed the festival but it’d be nice to not be playing in it, and just listen and hang out with everyone. Maybe at SXSW this year, I’ll get to do more of that. (I’ll still be playing).

TVD: Well, speaking of hecklers, and different venues, what was THE shittiest place you’ve played?
SJ: (Laughs) A chicken coup.

TVD: What!?
SJ: Ennis, Texas; a chicken coup, with Tomahawk Molly, a band I was in (Cheesy, Rockabilly, fun.) There was a green room, with a dingy bed in it, creepy, disgusting. Definitely threw up that night.

TVD: Due to alcohol or chicken coup smell?
SJ: Alcohol. I don’t necessary sound southern but when I’m back with everyone it’s Bulleit, Jack and you know.

TVD: I completely understand.
SJ: But, it’s strange, I wrote "Clementine" during that time. We played a gig, ran out of songs, and I sang "Clementine." I had no attachment to the song but years later…

TVD: ...a throw away song turned debut video hit?
SJ: Guess so

TVD: Alright so what’s with the spelling song ("Luv") on Suburban Nature?
SJ: It was a mistake right, you hate it?

TVD: Well, it just stood out.
SJ: Yeah, I played it live a few times. I don’t really like it. I thought the album needed some... quirk. It got some positive crowd feedback, probably a mistake, that’s why I won’t play it live anymore

TVD: Not at all?
SJ: Nope! Want to hear about another slip-up? I definitely got on stage one of the first nights of the tour and said "Hello, Philly!" I was, unfortunately, not IN Philadelphia...

TVD: (Laughs for an unacceptable amount of time...)

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