Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TVD Package Deal

So. You missed it. (S.H.I.T.)

It’s like watching horses run in slow motion, losing your footing while listening to waves crashing, like having your record player needle touch the surface of Suburban Nature.

Sarah Jaffe steps on stage. I'm pretty excited (hoof-beats in my head) at this point grinning in anticipation of one, a performance worth writing about, and two, the chance to see if her live performance inspires like my music-hunch-organ told me.

I love being right.

I love being pleasantly surprised.

Sigh. Both.

Her voice was everything I'd hoped. Clean, melancholy, and a little raspy when strained. It was lovely. The crowd was receptive as well—you could hear beer moistened lips mouthing her words, excited like me, to see her out of Denton,TX, out of Europe, and on our coast.

The Living Room is an institution in New York City and I've seen less than my desired share of shows here. I'll make the trip up again, however. Very soon. With her in mind. And I look forward to a full and beautiful set. (Thanks NYC, CMJ 2010, and The Living Room...)

Suburban Nature, Sarah Jaffe's first full length album (available on vinyl this summer after its May, 2010 release) awards the listener with lovable, bedroom-strumming mixed with a voice that grips us like Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries) and thoughtful, stinging lyrics that folk so sorely misses. Sarah manages to take me places I didn't think to listen, unafraid to play one string and rely only on her voice—her confidence is disarming.

Check out her video for "Clementine" which officially debuted September 16th.

We all deserve a second chance and you're being granted that chance. Sarah Jaffe plays The Living Room (again) on Friday, December, 3rd and The Rock Shop(in Brooklyn) on Saturday, December, 4th.

You don't have to leave DC to catch a good show but, you will have to catch a bus to catch the next big thing in folk music this calendar year. This is clearly an ongoing love-affair. I'll report back December 7th.

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