Tuesday, November 23, 2010

TVD's "Hey, how was that? | The Posies w/Brendan Benson at the 9:30 (11/17)

Given the number and frequency of our ticket giveaways, I've often felt remiss that after a week or so of a build up, there's been scant follow through here—most likely stemming from not wanting to be just another review and photo site.

But if you've ever wondered, "Hey, how was that?" we'll try from time to time to provide some documentation.

This time, we've sent our friend and intrepid photographer, Erica Bruce over to The Posies show last week at the 9:30:

Alex Chilton was said to be rather cantankerous, but it's fair to say his ghost was smiling brightly on the 930 Club last week. His old Big Star bandmates, The Posies and their catchy power pop stylings were in town Wednesday night with another Big Star-influenced performer, Brendan Benson. The Posies, brought their usual energetic and interactive live set in support of their latest release, BLOOD/CANDY and supported Benson as his backing band.

Power pop bands should never travel far without a little Big Star, so it was nice to hear Benson, and Posies guitarists/vocalists Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer deliver a mighty fine version of "September Gurls" during Benson's encore. In the wrong hands, power pop can be schmaltzy and ear-cringing. But when it's done right—as was the case Wednesday night—it showcases how, in the right hands, you can be reminded of all the reasons you love music.

Check out the full set right here.

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