Monday, November 15, 2010

TVD First Date | Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue return to the States tonight as openers for Kate Nash at the 9:30. While our ticket contest to see them both (on us!) has closed, we thought it an opportune time for a little impromptu 'First Date' with the charming trio.

Do you listen to vinyl? What about its sound appeals to you? What was the last record you bought on vinyl?

Olly: Yes, vinyl is my preferred listening experience. Sonically the sound is much greater than that of CDs and especially MP3s. MP3s have to be so greatly compressed to fit all the data into a file. Someone in a lab somewhere decided what is audibly out of a human's listening range and removed it from the files. For a demonstration of this just turn up your speakers at the end of "Sargent Pepper's..." and your speakers will vibrate with the sound of a dog whistle. You can't hear it but its there. Nowhere to be found on an MP3. Therefore vinyl has far more scope, depth, and warmth than anything digital.

Being on tour in America is great for record shopping because there are so many shops in funny places you would never expect. I have been spending most of my PD's on this eroticism. The last record I bought was Korner Ray and Glover "The Return of Korner Ray and Glover." It was $3.

Where are you drawing your musical inspiration from these days?

Rosa: I've always liked the Breeders but I didn't get into the last album [Mountain Battles] when it came out because a like-minded friend told me it was a real departure for the worse from there previous records, and I hate being disappointed by bands you love, especially bands who release things so infrequently.

However, I bought it the other day on a whim and I really love it, so it's probably proof you should never go on someone else's musical opinion alone. Sonic Youth are one of my two favourite bands, and I think one of the best things about them is that they're so prolific that I'm still buying albums I haven't heard all the songs from. I'm also listening to the Velvet Underground and Nico a lot at the moment because I really want to rip off the durgy sound of "Venus In Furs" on a new song we're writing for our second album.

It's interesting when you're writing songs because you just seem to devour new music looking for inspiration but writing the second album I seem to be doing a lot of looking backwards at music that really inspired me to want to be in a band in the first place.

Any funny stories to share from this Kate Nash tour?

Olly: I vomited and all the crew members stepped in it. Now they call us Peggy Spew. Katy and Rosa drank the bottle of whiskey that turned out to be the tour manager's dad's Christmas present. Much offense was taken to the fact that Rosa had mixed it with concentrated orange juice.

Peggy Sue - Watchman (Mp3)
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