Friday, October 1, 2010

TVD's Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

I’m back from New York City and have fallen safely into the arms of the canyon. This week has been warm to say the least. These last few hot breezy days reminded me it has been a long while since I created a show with a lover’s muse.

I started digging through “my crates" thinking about the notion of keeping my love ones close. That Vanilla Fudge cover of “Keep Me Hanging On” came to mind and I started to explore the concept of “holding on.” I quickly discarded “the fudge” and replace it with the more obscure “Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart” from Terry Reid.

In the end, rock songs were not what I want to hold onto for this week’s Idelic Hour. Instead my focus was on the sexy sounds of South America mixed with a few new releases and of course a classic or two.

Former Elefant singer, Diego Garcia’s sexy love ballad “Stay” seemed to balance Bowie’s Station to Station, “Wild as the Wind.” I dropped new songs from Deerhunter and Blonde Redhead into the mix with old favs like Nicolai Dunger and Fiona Apple.

Hold me close baby!

The Idelic Hit of the Week:

Deerhunter - Desire Lines (Mp3)

xosidealer | @sidelic

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