Friday, October 8, 2010

TVD | Sal Go's 7 Day Weekend

The split 7” can be a polarizing format. Some adore the fast variety and relative obscurity, some loathe those same qualities. And what of a split with covers of the other band’s songs? It seems such an intimate exchange. There has to be a high level of mutual respect necessary to agree to such a venture, right? You’ll need more than just friendly trust in the other band to not fuck up your song, right?

Well, Thee Lexington Arrows and The Safes can rest assured that their songs have not been fucked up by the other. Thee Lexington Arrows are punk rock and roll to a hipshaking beat, led by female vocals with a tumbler full of grit and soul. You might remember the Safes from Chicago as a melodic pop punk trio, with catchy hooks and on-point harmonies. Both bands are in the same vein, but the new release takes them a few heavy strides away from their usual sound. It gives us listeners something special. And that is essentially what a split single should do.

“It's something that bands used to do a whole lot, and I don't see that much anymore. I always liked splits like that. It makes it more of a coherent EP instead of a couple singles form a couple bands.” Thee Arrows’ Curt Schmelz says. “Also, as a big fan of the Safes music personally, it's a good excuse to get to play one of their songs that I love.”

To celebrate this union, Thee Lexington Arrows join the Safes for six dates on a month long tour. They play the DC area this coming Monday, October 11th, at Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA. You can pick up the new EP from Merrifield Records.... or you could comment below and win a free copy directly from the bands!

Support splits! Support covers! Support unions!

The Safes - She's So Sad (Mp3)

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I'M DOING SPLITS!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the for the SPLIT

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