Monday, October 11, 2010

TVD Recommends | TONIGHT: Black Telephone at DC9 w/Women and DD/MM/YYYY

If you had asked me a few years back, perhaps at the beginnings of this blog, if I anticipated vinyl to have the resurgence its had over the past few years, that answer would have been a rather unequivocal, "Yes!"

But ...cassettes?

Cassettes have indeed made a DIY return to form, and our friends Black Telephone have a brand new one to put in your hands TONIGHT as they open for Women and DD/MM/YYYY at DC9. It's also a bit of a cassette release show for the band.

Gear up for tonight's show with two tracks from the four-song cassette below—which are all new mixes from the previous versions we had on the blog last summer.

Check out our First Date with Black Telephone from this past summer here, and later we'll expect to see you along with us here.

Bring your Walkman.

Black Telephone - Crooked Eyes (Mp3)
Black Telephone - Drawers in the Store (Mp3)
Approved for download!

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