Monday, October 11, 2010

TVD Label Spotlight: Yep Roc Records | Nick Lowe Vinyl Giveaway

It's one thing to have exceptionally fine taste in assembling a roster of recording acts and to consistently make sure releases see the light of day on vinyl, but it's another thing entirely—an undertaking—to delve into an artist's back catalog and conjure up vinyl versions of recordings previously available only on CD or some other dodgy digital format.

And it's just what Yep Roc has done with a trio of Nick Lowe releases that until last month were never available on vinyl. And it's this trio of brand new 180 gram vinyl releases that comprise our first Yep Roc Giveaway of the week. They are:

1994's The Impossible Bird...

1998's Dig My Mood...

...and 2001's 'The Convincer.'

One winner will receive all three LPs in exchange for your comment to this post.

We've been suitably inspired by Yep Roc's commitment to vinyl and damn fine music over the years and we trust you have as well. Let us hear it in the comments to this post and we'll choose our winner on 10/19—the day after Nick Lowe plays The Birchmere here in our own backyard.

Make 'em good and remember to leave us a contact email address!

Nick Lowe - So It Goes (Mp3)
Approved for download!


Steve said...

Nice work, Yep Roc. I've never actually heard any of his 90's stuff, so this would be a great way to change that. ;)

Yep Roc's commitment to vinyl is great, although I'm still a little bummed they haven't given the same treatment (in the US) to their Paul Weller releases.

Anonymous said...

vinyl rocks!


Jason said...

I love these albums. Along with "At My Age", they kinda represent part two of Nick's career, where he moves to a more introspective sound. It's kinda rare that an artist can do that so well.

Stacy Mallardi-Stajcar said...

Because "I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass" I should have these. It would also give me a newer Nick Lowe reference. Ha. Stacy

Anonymous said...

I saw him on the Live Stiffs tour with Elvis Costello. Wreckless Eric etc and have loved him to bits ever since. Vinyl versions of these would be greatly appreciated by a long-standing fan of over 30 years.