Friday, October 29, 2010

TVD Live Tease | Yeah Gates' Spooktacular


You've attended them. You've been witness to musical meltdowns and horrific evenings. Yet, from the audience, you've been just a spectator.

The bands playing Yeah Gates' 'Spooktacular' on Sunday night at the Black Cat—America Hearts, The Cheniers, and Foul Swoops—have their own frightening tales to tell. Of their own on-stage nightmares. The shows that went hideously wrong. The gigs they'd never, ever want to relive.

These are their stories.

Foul Swoops, who celebrate the release of a new 7" on All Hallows Eve (along with America Hearts) share their Tales of the Macabre:

Dear Vinyl District,

“Are you afraid of the homeless men who occasionally ask you for cigarettes outside of Velvet Lounge?”

That’s probably the question we should have been asked, because to be honest, in the 12-15 shows we’ve played as a band, that’s about as bad as it's ever got.

Also, the answer is no. At this point those guys make up a good majority of our fanbase.

Maybe someday one of us will be Dimebag Daryl’d but until then this is the best we got…

We did play a really spooky show in Boston last Halloween. Spooky almost entirely because it took place on Halloween. Here are some details of the horror:

Boogers: That was our costume and yeah we even slacked on that.

Microphones: Like most young/poor bands we have shitty equipment and our mics will shock you. Don’t think for a second that they won’t.

Four Loko vomit: Luckily this didn’t come from any of the Swoops. Scary to see in person nonetheless.

Burger King: 4 band members. 4x. 1 weekend. Scared yet?

Metal band: When we showed up to my friends house there was a metal band practicing right next door. They seemed pretty bad ass.

Cops: Neighbors called the cops twice during our show saying they were “afraid of the noises coming from the basement” We’re pretty sure it was the Metal band that called.

Andy Warhol/uninterested audience: We’re not sure everyone who attended the show was fully aware what we were all about. Even the dude who dressed as Andy Warhol didn’t really dig our VU cover. At one point one of us asked the audience if anyone liked Beat Happening and one dude yelled back “Probably not.” After we played there was Girl Talk dance party.

Inhaling old kitty litter: No, this doesn’t actually get you high, but we’re pretty sure multiple years have been taken off our lives as a result of playing in what was essentially a litter box.

Stalker: Two of our members got one. To finally get her out of the house she was convinced they were all about to go get breakfast at 6am. She walked outside first. They closed the door.

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