Thursday, August 12, 2010

TVD's Seven Day Weekend by Sal Go | Ty Segall at DC9, 8/11/10

Ty Segall played DC9 last night. "This is the first time we've played here." He told us. He began an Obama at the Circus joke, paused for effect, then delivered a chill punchline, "Now here's another song."

The band's demeanor was laid back but their amps were loud and vicous. They took their time in between songs sipping beers and adjusting pedals. The pace didn't bother the crowd, who danced and head banged along to the righteous lo-fi garage tunes. Many songs ended perfectly within two minutes. They played a few oldies from the Castleface LP and other singles, as well as new ones off the most recent Goner release, Melted. And! And! A Jabbers cover! Way to get the scumbags moving!

I spoke to Ty briefly after their set. A very friendly and gracious dude! He writes all his songs himself and records in his friend's studio basement. He had no future releases planned but will work on new songs after this short tour. If you haven't already, check out the new LP on Goner. It simply rips. And it comes with a free MP3 downloads. Nerds.

Ty Segall - Finger (Mp3)
Ty Segall - Ceasar (Mp3)

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