Thursday, August 12, 2010

TVD First Date | Atlantic Line

Ray Silva (singer) | I was always bugging my mom to use her turntable when I was about eight years old. She finally got tired of me DJing so she got me my own stereo from the swap meet. Something I could beat up and blast in my own room. I played out all the Beatles and Zeppelin I could get my hands on. I liked the live tracks the best, It felt like I traveled through time a little bit.

Will Oraha (guitar) | I remember how much I loved listening to my dad's records, from the Beatles to Santana and one of my favorites was Thriller. Later on down the road I started to collect my own vinyls but the thing with my vinyls wasn't so much as to listen to the damn thing, but more so to listen to it as I manually slowed the rotation of the record or sped it up at times. I was extremely fascinated with how warped of a sound I could create. I would go to the extreme from trying to melt the record to scratching certain grooves to make it skip. As far as me and Atlantic Line's sound? I think that kid that's still trying to warp the sound that comes out at times.

Noah Alexander (drums) | Growing up in a small town in Indiana didn't provide much entertainment or offer a ton of creative outlets. The way I coped with the corn field backdrop and the never ending variations of the mullet was to shave my head and dive deep into the straight edge hardcore scene. Collecting seven inch records from the touring bands was my window into the world. It was amazing for this cow-town kid to see these pictures of the California SXE style, learn about the New York Vegan movement, or collect the limed edition colored vinyl of my favorite Florida screamers. The records were full of political and social views that opened my mind, made me question the status quo, and started the dreams of going and seeing these places. The DIY nature of the hardcore scene greatly influence the approach I take when presenting my art, and I am forever grateful for all of those amazing little records.

Henry Pope (Bass) | My first memories of music centered around old Fisher Price record player jettisoned in the corner of a room that my brother and I shared. We had two records. One was a Disney record that had the songs about The Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, and It's a Small World. The other record had a song that we played religiously...we had no idea who it was or what the lyrics really were but, we loved the rhythm and vocal melody. I loved that fact that the song made me happy and made me want to dance. Years later I realized that song was Looking Out My Back Door by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

My teenage years were marked by a collection of punk, hardcore, and breakbeat records...I poured through Maximum Rock and Roll and ordered tons of seven inch and rare imported vinyl. By the time I got to college and my had palette expanded accordingly, I stumbled upon the mother load of vinyl collections. A certain tall slender female had EVERYTHING from Duke and Coltrane to Zappa and the Stones...I spent a hazy Colorado summer behind drawn curtains exploring everything while delving deep into an aural well. Now days, I am addicted to the vinylizer patch in Reason...always hoping to make tracks "sound good"....

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Atlantic Line - Mist (Mp3)
Atlantic Line - Big Brother (Mp3)
Atlantic Line - Collectors (Mp3)
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