Thursday, July 1, 2010

TVD: Bonzai!

Nope. No, I won't try to convince you this is a good record or some overlooked gem.

I mean, it's not a good record. It's corny. Hyperbolic. Overwrought. Chock full o' rock and roll cliches.

But it arrived at the right time when I was corny . . hyperbolic . . . overwrought: fifteen. And then it was on constant rotation. It married quite well with some high school angst, I'll confess.

But as an adult? Nah...I'm not listening to it much at all.

Until about a month ago.

It's Rory Dodd's clear tenor in place of Steinman's ...well, overwrought vocals that somehow seal the deal for me in my subconscious.

When I'm walking the dog I'm singing to myself, "Surf's up/and so am I..." ...Really.

"...And my body is burning like a naked wire
I want to turn on the juice, I want to fall in the fire

I'm gonna drown in the ocean in a bottomless sea

I want to give you what I'm hoping you'll be giving to me

And when the waves are pounding on the sand tonight

I want to take your hand and make it good and make it right

And now the sky is trembling and the moon is pale

We're on the edge of forever and we're never gonna fail, no

How hard, how hard, how hard do I gotta try?

Surf's up, surf's up, surf's up and so am I, surf's up and so am I..."

Jim Steinman - Bad for Good (M4a)
Jim Steinman - Lost Boys and Golden Girls (M4a)
Jim Steinman - Surf's Up (M4a)
Jim Steinman - Left in the Dark (M4a)
Jim Steinman - Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through (M4a)

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