Friday, June 18, 2010

TVD's The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Idelic’s Desperately Seeking | This week’s Idelic Hour was inspired by one of the many 80’s flashbacks I’ve had of late.

I first met
Madonna at a small gathering of friends at her and then husband Sean Penn’s estate deep in Malibu Canyon. My girlfriend at the time was working for Sean, who upon hearing I was the co-owner of the notorious after-hour club Power Tools, referred to me as “one of those people,” a disapproving reference to Madonna’s then fanatical entourage of club kids.

Looking at back at that era the first thing that comes to mind was just how young we all were. Events had catapulted this cool couple beyond super-stardom into almost incarceration. The atmosphere was hip but awkward. I remember someone passing me a joint of very strong weed and I found myself completely stoned, standing in front of a ridiculously expensive stereo system when Madonna approached me and graciously introduced herself. I think I said something profound like “pretty cool system, dude” lol!

This weekend, per Rosanna Arquette’s request, The LA Film Festival asked me to DJ a 25th anniversary screening of “Desperately Seeking Susan.” So this week I put together two playlists - The Idelic Hour set which features mostly contemporary artists and a DJ set of fun oldies. Some cool artist that made both lists; Fun Boy Three, Konk, Lene Lovich, Bananarama, ESG, Was (Was Not) and Grace Jones.

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The Idelic Hour [6/18/2010] (Mp3, 83Mg)

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Glen said...

Hi, kind of not related but do you have the soundtrack to an old film, "THAT SUMMER"? Has a great terack by the Zones called NEW LIFE, thanks, Glen